Columbus Club

181 E Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43215


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There are few places in Central Ohio that have the same depth and history as the Columbus Club. This spot benefits from this great and wonderful history – it’s been serving people of this city since it first opened in 1866. The private venue served businessmen, political leaders, and the elite in the city with an austere, old-fashioned feel. Today it’s adapted to the times with a more modern menu but the purpose remains the same: business leaders, big-wigs and other important people in town can be found here, away from the noise and hype of public places.

The menu here is highly tailored to the business clientele; meals tend to be lighter and more healthy. Some of the things I tried:

  • Chicken salad: This salad is built to be a heavy kind of meal, topped with chilled grilled chicken, avocados, some hard-boiled eggs. For a salad, this one is pretty unforgettable.
  • Gazpacho: This chilled soup is a lighter option served on the side and especially good in the summertime and during those nice fall and winter months when you really just want something with flavor but not too much heft.
  • Sesame chicken: A breaded chicken served with a sweet sauce with a bit of heat to it. This is served up as an appetizer or a finger food, typically a bit too heavy and messy to be a course by itself.
  • Cocktail shrimp: Cold shrimp served up with a very striking cocktail sauce and some hint of
  • Grilled cheese and tomato soup: A classier dining option that is comforting and yet classy aplenty. Strips of grilled cheese with a comfortable, creamy tomato bisque.
  • Cookies: True to form, the traditional comfort foods are delivered here on a different level of quality. Some are frosted, some with sugar, depending on the season.

If you have become a member of this club – or you’re invited here for a special occasion – you need to know about the dress code and stick to it! Business attire is required in many dining rooms, and in some cases a jacket is requested as well. This is not your average restaurant! In fact, it’s far more elite than that. There are private dining and meeting rooms here as well, and those shouldn’t be ignored, either.

The Columbus Club is a definite unique experience and one that is replicated in few other places in the country. Elite, classy and austere, if you get a chance to be a part of this, it’s a must.


  • Remember the club is a private venue, you have to be a member or be invited on a reservation to attend! But the food you will try is well worth it nonetheless.
  • There is a very formal business attire required, should you be invited here.
  • Many of the foods here are tailored to business dining, so it’s clean and fast.

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