Staas Brewing Co.

31 W. Winter Street
Delaware, OH 43015
Launched in 2013 as a small-batch brewpub, Staas Brewing Co. has a focus on Belgian and English beer styles. Many of these can’t be found outside of the little taproom in downtown Delaware, Ohio. The exact selection is constantly changing, but whatever’s on tap is certain to be true to style and meticulously crafted under owners Liz and Donald Staas. Certainly, these things have meant a great set of brews and a very specific emphasis on certain little things. In that sense, this bar really does have a different niche than the others in Delaware, maybe. More intimate, and more low-key.

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The menu here is all about the beer, there’s no food though there are trucks that park nearby. The brews follow along some of the popular styles, albeit brewed in small amounts and to a higher quality. Some of the things to try:

  • Spruce Ale: A mid-bodied ale, this one with a sharp, pine flavor that is unique among other kinds of beer.
  • Apricot Wheat: A little fruity, but not too much so! Just a hint and not a sweet one. Great for a hot day.
  • Flood Water English Oatmeal Stout: Rich, velvetey, chocolatey, and with a full, smooth body that’s just delicious. True to style, you get a smooth mix of chocolate, roasted coffee and toasted oats in this brew.
  • Cask Aged Nut Brown: Nut brown ales are just so swell, and the nutty flavor in this one really does rise above. Easily the best beer on the menu.
  • German Kolsch: A bright and cheery golden-colored ale, it features a light and crisp body and a pleasant finish.
  • German Weizen: If you like good light flavor, this one is it. Nimble light body, a nice wheaty aroma. A little citrus adds a comforting accent.
  • Staastoberfest: Oktoberfest beers are always so wonderful marks in the fall, and this one became a fall favorite.

The brewery has a smaller taproom than most of the others in the Columbus area, and it’s not bad by itself, in fact it’s made for a much more peaceful and quiet experience, especially compared to the other bars in the area. Yes, this is technically a college town, but the bars aren’t typically overflowing with college kids. What’s more common, instead, is the Ohio State fans crowding in on the weekends. This place does have room for some of those, but it’s definitely more comfortable nonetheless.

There aren’t a lot of breweries where it’s easy to just sit in and have a conversation with your bartender. This is definitely one of the few. I like this place for that nice, pleasant experience that reminds me of a very brief time in brewery history – when many more operations were like this. All about the quality of the beer and the experience of sampling it. In the cities, that’s been lost amid the rush for the big brewpubs. And they’re just not the same.


  • The brewery has a lot of seasonal beers, which its website even doesn’t always keep track of.
  • There are game rooms inside and if you like, a patio outside.
  • Try the flight if you have a chance., four beers for $8. Or you can try them all.

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