4650 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43214

While it was founded in New York City and maintains dozens of locations there, Bareburger has begun branching out to other places around the United States. With its special brand of high-end burgers and other meat-centric meals, the chain offers a few creative takes on delicious, creative and unique burger combinations. Not to be outclassed by others in the upscale dining segment, it’s grown to offer brunch and milkshakes and a few other things too. Altogether, something for everyone.

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The menu is obviously focused on burgers and huge sandwiches, with all of them featuring distinct buns, toppings and higher-quality sides. Some things to remember:

  • Duck burger: One of the alternatives to traditional beef you can try on the menu here. Duck meat is darker and more savory, definitely a bit higher on the fat content which means the meat melts in your mouth. Served with cheese on top, because why not?
  • Benny & Flo: The eggs Benedict served florentine style, with a spinach turkey bacon and queso topping. Best with home fries that add a little extra volume, because of course that queso hollandaise is good to be dipped with just about anything.
  • Eggy Pop Tacos: These thick-stuffed tacos are made with beef brisket, scrambled eggs, a queso topping and pickled red onions. Topping them off is a sharp habanero mayo concoction that brings a mellow heat to it all. Best, I think, if you’ve got a serious appetite.
  • Donuts: These wonderful little things are appetizers for a good brunch. Thumbprint-sized and dusted to pop in your mouth for a crisp, sweet start to the day.

The bars have a distinct kind of feel each, with the two locations in Columbus sharing a sort of barnyard feel, hearkening to the roots of the chain, created by a family of farmers with the idea for “clean comfort food.” The ethics are behind it too – the chain touts a network of local producers for its menu which has a sizable component of vegetable ingredients and some vegetarian options, including the famous “impossible burger” vegetarian meat.

In two locations and at two times of the day, I found that the people were pretty nice, and the wait is average for restaurants of this kind, which often have a thick rush in the late-morning brunch and lunch hours. Prices are a bit high-normal, though there are plenty of “better burger” chains charging these kinds of prices, and the quality of the ingredients does show. That does mean this spot is worth a visit, creative as it is.


  • Just because it’s a burger place doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy. There’s an “impossible burger” and many vegetarian focused menu options to be tried here.
  • Breakfast is less burger-centric, but there are a lot of traditional brunch favorites with creative ideas too.
  • Look out for bison burgers, duck burgers and other unusual kinds of meat here.

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