Sirloin steak
Tap house grilled wings

Caddy’s Tap House

It’s the re-imagining of a familiar location for Dayton residence, but Caddy’s Tap House is a whole different kind of watering hole in his predecessors. The spot has a focus much more on craft beer, good food, and socializing. There’s definitely a sports bar aspect to it, but I’d say that this is more of a spot that you really like to go to enjoy some time with friends. The food here, though, can’t be ignored. Caddy’s makes a lot of great pub food in house, and its versions of these dishes make for really delicious fare.

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Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern

Set up in Lebanon as a casual dining environment, Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern aims to be an approachable spot to get anything from a burger to a nice steak and everything in between. Fitting that it caters to the tastes of both Dayton and Cincinnati palettes, because this spot has a wide-ranging menu with a great variety of surf and turf dishes, each with an interesting little thing to make it unique at Patriot. The spot is one where you might expect to wait a little longer for your food, but it’s worth the time. I’m a fan of what I’ve tried here.

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Steakhouse Onion Cheddar Burger

Basils on Market

Opened just off the square in downtown Troy, Basils on Market is a significant departure from the Night Sky Coffeehouse which formerly occupied this space. While it keeps the same intimate and cozy interior feel that made the former space so comfortable, this new concept goes instead in the direction of a high-quality bar with a menu of pub grub and an appreciation for the local arts scene. Good to see local artists are still represented in the space, but now you’ll want to take a look at that menu, too. The dishes you’ll find here are definitely worth a detour.

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Large pizza

Papa Kranky’s Italian Kitchen

A simple Italian food operation along Wilmington Pike in Kettering, Papa Kranky’s brings economical pizza and subs to the south Dayton suburbs. This operation focuses on a take-out and delivery business that brings a pretty simple menu of lunch and dinner dishes to your doorstep. Of course pizza is a much-loved suburban comfort food, and this take on Columbus-style pizza really does make a delicious meal. The prices are good, the food comes relatively quickly, and overall this spot made for a pleasant experience.

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Lo mein

Yat Ka Mein

Oakley has a lot of kinds of food to try, owing to the young and adventurous population of this vibrant northeast Cincinnati suburb. So you can find just about anything you like in this neighborhood, including the pan-Asian tastes you can enjoy at Yat Ka Mein. This spot has the noodles you’re crazing whether they’re Japanese, Thai, Singapore or elsewhere. Noodle shops like this are focusing on ways to provide dishes that are more healthy, and in light of that, a lot of kinds of noodles you might not otherwise be familiar with can be found here.

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Moerlein Lager House - BBQ Stack

Moerlein Lager House

As The Banks in downtown Cincinnati has developed, the Queen City’s riverfront has become a hotspot for Reds fans, Bengals fans, and all-around, a place to get some of the best experiences the city has to offer. Of course, the riverfront isn’t just about the nightlife, though. Among the many appeals of downtown, Moerlein Lager House aims to be one of the most visible and iconinc breweries in the storied history of Cincinnati’s German brewing roots. If you’re from the area, it’s hard not to have heard the name.

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Oregon Express

Although Oregon District near downtown Dayton has a lot of bars with plenty of different kinds of food to offer, the Oregon Express is really the only close-by place where you can get a good pizza. And they do their pizza here local-style; with a ton of toppings, extra crispy and with a sweet sauce. If you aren’t admiring a band or grabbing a drink with company on a weekend night when the spot is popular, I would suggest coming in for lunch, where the pizzas, sandwiches, and other great grub are available for cheap.

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Roasted pork w/ coleslaw sandwich

Dominique’s Bistro and Bar

While many of Dayton’s best restaurants have found their way into the trendier newer developments, Dominique’s Bistro and Bar sticks with the old-fashioned pedestrian-friendly charm that is downtown Oakwood. Once known as C’est Tout, this spot remains in many ways the same in the capable hands of Chef Dominique Fortin. But the jazzed-up concept of this concept has also allowed its staff to experiment with some interesting and new takes on French cuisine. To be sure, the name may be different, but this is still one restaurant you won’t want to miss.

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Sesame chicken

New China

Primarily serving the neighborhoods of East Dayton, New China is a discount Chinese takeout restaurant the focus on getting convenient, quick Chinese food to local residents from its relatively small storefront along Linden Avenue. The spot has a number of specials for take out or delivery with a pretty typical menu for a Chinese spot. Not a whole lot of surprises in store at this place, but you will occasionally find a bright spot on the menu. The food is timely, and it’s inexpensive, and I suppose that’s all you can really ask for.

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Chicken salad

Yesterday’s Cafe & Tea Room

Tea houses are an increasingly rare site, even in a place like Florence, Kentucky. But those that do well, seem to do really well, carving out a niche among the avid tea-drinking population. While it sort of looks off the beaten bath, the converted home that is Yesterday’s Cafe & Tea Room has a lot of little things to draw you in, from homemade sandwiches, soups and salads to a variety of teas and several different styles. You won’t go thirsty with Yesterday’s extensive collection of hot drinks. The menu here might impress you, too.

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