Edley’s BBQ

Now with three locations around Nashville, Edley’s brings the classic barbecue counter a little bit of new dimension with a modern bar and a nice selection of drinks for evening groups. But the main reason people come to this place remains the same: the barbecue! This spot has that classic, sticky and smoky meats cooked top-notch. I like the spot for that nice, welcoming feeling and a very convenient system that prioritizes good food over everything.

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Chicken salad

Table 33

A new restaurant which has set itself up in downtown Dayton, Table 33 is an interesting concept; focusing on locally-produced ingredients which are constructed into more creative recipes for lighter cuisine, while a friendly bar in the center of the establishment offers an inviting place to grab a drink in the evening. While the concept remains new and its ideas refined, Table 33 has begun to differentiate itself in a way its predecessors did not, as a place for greater experimentation and a push to grow, make, and eat local.

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Rice Bowl

Ranch One

A reborn concept with just a few locations now, Ranch One is a fast-casual sandwich shop. This reinvention of the concept is often paired with other restaurant concepts often in the similar price range, making quick and easy to go meals and combinations, and focused in heavily commercial areas. It’s pretty safe to say that you’ll have a decent meal here, but whether or not it’s really that different from other chain restaurants and a very similar sandwiches they purvey is a question I ask before considering a special trip.

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Pork belly burger

Bar 145

An Ohio-centered concept with half a dozen locations, Bar 145 tends to find its way into larger new developments, where its entertaining take on the traditional pub makes it a place that supports a few different activities. The location in Kent, for example, has space for a dance floor and hosts regular DJ nights to support that. The location in Dayton, on the other hand, has taken the form mainly as a ‘barcade,’ where classic arcade games can be played for free. But don’t forget the food. Where the bar has focused its energy on building a good menu in recent years, it has brought some great ideas to the table.

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Grains of paradise-crusted steak

I Tried It: Under the lid with Blue Apron

Blue Apron is all the rage these days, but what’s under the lid here? Just about everyone is taking advantage of ready-to-eat meals these days, so what does it take to be a Blue Apron lover? I gave it a try. Most all of the options require next to nothing on your part for preparation … Continue reading

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La Michoacana

748 Troy Street Dayton Ohio 45404 937.220.9600 websiteLa Michoacana is a small chain of Latin American grocery stores focused mostly in Columbus, with a Dayton location as well. While the overwhelming majority of each location is mostly devoted to ingredients and cultural trinkets for the Latin populations, there is a small little restaurant inside the … Continue reading

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The Drunken Waffle

A Dayton-area mobile food operation which serves a host of waffle-themed foods “based on beer,” The Drunken Waffle can be found at the breweries and food truck rallies around town, often a spot that offers thick and hearty comfort food to go with a few good local beers. While the spot has a lot of great things to offer, the ever-changing menu is what really makes it a great place to visit. You can expect to find more than a few good things to try here.

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Pulled pork

Smok’n Jojo’s BBQ

A food truck based out of the Dayton suburb of Trotwood, this one is a simple and very lovable mission: good old fashioned barbecue! With a smoker based out of the back of the bright red truck, it can often be found in downtown Dayton’s Courthouse Square for lunch. There, it brings a small but quality menu of barbecue dishes and comforting side dishes. This one looks simple from the outside, but that food on the inside is definitely worth noticing.

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Seafood hotpot

Asiana Korean Restaurant

The growth of West Chester has meant many kinds of new restaurants have followed as population and offered an increasingly diverse array of great foods. It’s no short task to try and keep track of them all. A stalwart hole-in-the-wall in the sea of ever changing trendy names, Asiana Korean Restaurant is a relatively low key place, catering to the Asian American population of southwest Ohio with a simple joy: Korean food. The restaurant offers dishes few other places which are not so niche would bother to try, but the end result is something altogether amazing. A trip to Korea will leave you hungry for the foods that typify the land. This spot brings them to Ohio and in a good way.

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Mixed grill

Istanbul Cafe

A downtown Cincinnati destination that specializes in Mediterranean, specifically Turkish, cuisine, Istanbul Cafe is popular with groups and larger crowds, specifically for events that might be a little nicer and more upscale. It’s got a following with tourists, a space popular with the local Turkish American population, and brings people in quantity on weekend nights. Plenty of great dishes from kebabs, falafel, lamb dishes, chicken and more. It’s a delightful place, a nicer restaurant that still delivers with friendly service and good food. The restaurant has landed some good reviews in local media, but where it continues to find good ratings, really, is with crowd-sourced reviewing sites.

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