Corn Cloud Chicken

Carmel’s Southwest Grill

A Tex-Mex focused bar near the border of Dayton proper and its upscale Dayton neighborhood of Oakwood, Carmel’s Bar & Grill is a neighborhood bar a little off the beaten path in one of the city’s neighborhoods and it’s a place that seems to bring out a very local crowd. With an expansive patio and a menu that is part pub grub and part southwest specialties. The spot has a lot of menu items that people love, and a lot of reasons that its locals love to come back.

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Rotisserie chicken

Nelly’s Chicken

This one house just south of Centerville’s main intersection in suburban Dayton has seen a lot of restaurants come and go in recent years. So a lot of people were excited when Nelly’s Chicken, the much loved Bolivian restaurant open since 2006, announced earlier this year that it would expand into the new space. Known and loved for its charcoal-grilled rotisserie chickens, Nelly’s has built a cult following in south Dayton for its small restaurant feel and unique Latin American cuisine. Now, in a larger space, the spot can finally bring its tasty food to a broader array of people in the city.

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Although it is a chain of restaurants and beer halls centered around the Midwest, Hofbrauhaus brings the concept of the German beer hall to American cities. Each spot is set up as a large community gathering space; where long tables host many different groups of people and where live music, in-house-brewed beer and good food flows freely. The spot gets lively on weekends as big groups congregate for good times. But the food here, like the environment, is all German. The spot is an experience unlike what you’ll get in other places in town.

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Slyder's Tavern - Bacon Cheeseburger

Slyders Tavern

A lot of the neighborhoods around Dayton sport community bars that you’d be hard-pressed to hear about unless you knew those streets well. It’s not surprising to see the sort of cult following that has come with Slyders Tavern. This spot sits in the Belmont neighborhood and is very much sort of a dive bar with the classic pub grub menu. This spot keeps it simple and its customer base can truly attest that it’s all about the neighborhood at Slyders.

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McGillicutty’s Family Sports Grub & Pub

Something of community sports bar for the south Kettering area, McGillicutty’s Family Sports Grub & Pub is mainly a place people like to go to enjoy a drink and a game of darts after work. Its clientele is heavily weighted toward the local neighborhood, and is very much a sports bar with inexpensive drinks and even more inexpensive grub. The bar isn’t a terrible place, but it could use an update. But when you head to the spot, I might suggest you grab something to eat beforehand.

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Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

The concept of nicer dining restaurants with the location just about every major city in the country, Fleming’s Steakhouse is the epitome of the idea of quality dropping quantity in classic American cuisine. The spot offers a lot of upscale drinks, nicer appetizers and of course surf and turf to your hearts content. It is really nice, the restaurant is great on the inside, and I would consider it a safe dining experience.

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Hangar 18 - Wings

Hangar 18 Drinking Joint

What was formerly one of the locations of the “Cadillac Jack’s” sports bar chain in Dayton morphed last year to be a spot that caters more to the Fairborn neighborhood. Now, that spot is Hangar 18 on Kauffman Ave., and it offers the same basic premise of pub grub but at a more economical rate, and with plenty of other reasons to visit this little bar and game room concept. Sandwiched between Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Wright State University, this bar has a ton of sports fans from a lot of different places to draw through its doors. Hence the full name: “Hangar 18 Drinking Joint & Hangout.”

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Chicago hot dog

Mz. Pickles Sandwich Shop

This funny little sandwich shop concept has popped up in downtown Miamisburg, kind of a little storefront run by a nice little old lady, who make you a nice soup or sandwich to order. It’s funny how many nice restaurants are popped up in Miamisburg, and I can almost be easy to overlook this one. But little stores like this actually, are the kind of places that are going to remind you of what it’s like to be in a small town. The friendliness and charm, they just can’t be replaced in a place like this is going to remind you why small-town America is so nice.

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Hunter Schnitzel sandwich

Amber Rose

Amber Rose is a bit of an under-appreciated restaurant just northeast of downtown Dayton that caters to a number of European cuisines, ranging from German and Polish food to Hungarian, Italian and even Russian. The spot doesn’t advertise a ton so it’s not very well known out in the suburbs, but the food you find here is a great ethnic change-up from some of the other things you’ll find in town. Amber Rose offers a lot of dishes that are unique to Dayton, and it’s worth a try.

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Catfish sandwich

Station House

While the Station House is a part of the expansive St. Leonard Franciscan Living Community south of Dayton, the restaurant is very much open to the public, and in fact it’s a spot that is frequented by people local to Centerville as well as the many residents of the community. While the Station House strives to be a restaurant where you can try just about anything, it succeeds best in bringing a laid back feel to lunch.

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