Chicken adobo


A brand new concept from experienced Columbus restaurateurs known for the popular Red Velvet Cafe downtown, Bonifacio is a full dive into Filipino cuisine, something very unusual in a full service restaurant in Columbus. For many this will be one of the first times they can try the specialty dishes offered here, and that’s a good thing. The East Asian and Spanish influences on The Philippines have always meant delicious food combinations, and the different way of thinking plays very well here.

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Osaka - Crabmusselsprawnsfrog legs

Osaka Sushi & Hibachi Bar

While there are a few Asian-themed buffets around Dayton, what Osaka Japanese Steakhouse offers the region is a very unique experience. Opened in what has for several years been a series of family dining restaurants, this one is a higher-priced buffet of Far Eastern cuisines you won’t find in many other places around town, and certainly not all under one roof. From Peking duck to octopus, frog legs and, yes, a sushi conveyor belt, this spot is a place to go when you’re feeling like a very adventurous experience.

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Crooked Handle Brewing Co.

Springboro, Ohio gained a craft beer shop when Crooked Handle Brewing Co. opened near Dorothy Lane Market and with a special focus on bringing a comfortable place to drink and enjoy craft beer. There are a few other sports bars in this strip, so instead the place is something of a more relaxed environment with fewer distractions, a place where you can talk to the bartenders and make a few new friends. All told, it’s a pretty enjoyable experience.

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Engineer's Club (Dayton, OH)

Engineer’s Club of Dayton

A private club in the heart of downtown Dayton, the Engineer’s Club of Dayton is a members’ organization and gathering place in a historic downtown building. Founded for Dayton’s thinkers and intellectuals by big names including Charles Kettering and Orville Wright, this spot hosts private events and other kinds of functions. The environment rings of history and the walls are decorated of the many exploits of Engineer’s Club members over their lifetimes, but the breakfast and lunch service is worth a try if you can find someone to get you in.

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Sundubu jigae

Yung’s Cafe

A tiny little dive along the main stretch into downtown Fairborn, Ohio, Yung’s Cafe is one of the only restaurants in Dayton dedicated entirely to serving up Korean food. Run by a small transplant family and really popular with the Southeast Asian community that has found its way to Dayton, this cafe has foods that you won’t easily find in many other places. And for that, it’s a wonderful place. Well worth a visit if you’re new to the cuisine or want something that reminds you a bit of Seoul.

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The Coffee Pot

Greenville, Ohio is about as small-town-America as they come, and this border town between Dayton and Indianapolis is home to a lot of wonderful experiences you would only find in a place like that. Its homely charm extends to the local restaurant scene, where charming unique concepts abound. One of the main coffee shops in town, The Coffee Pot has it all—good coffee, nice drinks, baked goodies and soups and sandwiches that will keep you coming back for lunch, as well. This is the right kind of coffee shop to spend the afternoon relaxing with a good book or conversation.

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Philly Cheese Steak

Marilyn’s Grill

A new downtown Dayton spot that is built for convenience, Marilyn’s Grill does a quick menu of sandwiches that are easy to go. Re-purposed from an old chain restaurant, this is one of few restaurants that is open a bit later than many of the other places downtown, and set amidst the big downtown offices and bringing in people of all kinds, but I’m not convinced about the place. A little bit of the food, a little bit of the decor.

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West Virginia Dog

Designer Dogs

As the product of a lawyer-turned restaurateur, Designer Dogs offers gourmet hot dog options for the diners of the Mall at Fairfield Commons. A food court is a simple place to start something great, and this little stand definitely delivers something really fun on the front end. Gourmet hot dogs are a tricky thing to pull of and be worth the money, but this place does them in a very memorable way, I have to say I am impressed by what I have tried.

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The skeleton-themed Barrio is a really cool idea that has sprung up in Cleveland and its suburbs. This Tex Mex joint specializes in over-the-top huge tacos and big margaritas. Definitely popular with the younger crowd craving Cleveland’s nightlife, the concept spread from Lakewood to downtown, Progressive Field and elsewhere with its loved build-your-own taco menu as well as brunch and casual atmosphere that emphasizes good tequila and beer. Owner Sean Fairbairn and Executive Chef Pete Joyce have a good thing going with this idea.

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Lamb Burger

TownHall Ohio City

A relatively progressive concept which is settled its way into the Cleveland suburb of Ohio City, TownHall offers an eclectic menu of traditional American cuisine paired with ethnic tinged favorites from around the world. Created with the additional backdrop of offering GMO free ingredients, The restaurant benefits from the great variety of foods that it offer, as well as the great menu of craft beer, to produce an overall very memorable experience. It’s great to see how places like this have really changed the face of Ohio City.

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