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  • Dayton dining — 257 Reviews

  • Cincinnati Dining — 64 Reviews

Super Subbys - Classic Italian

Super Subby’s

Dayton-grown Super Subbys has expanded to a dozen locations around west Ohio since as a very convenient sub and sandwich chain. The spot can typically be found in the blue-collar neighborhoods of the city and provides an inexpensive way to grab a sandwich on the go. If you’ve been around Dayton long enough, you remember the jingle on the airwaves about “fresh subs and salads and chili made right here in our store.” With those three staples, Subbys draws a pretty steady stream of business in town. That said, there’s a lot of other competition, and the niche here really falls in its economy.

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Bullwinkle's Top Hat Bistro - Sherman Sensation

Bullwinkle’s Top Hat Bistro

Downtown Miamisburg is a little off the beaten path as far as food in Dayton goes, but this spot is still not that far from Interstate 75 and the Dayton Mall, spots where most of the people in Gem City spend a great deal of time. Billwinkles makes a hodgepodge of foods ranging from typical bar fare to steaks and barbecue. Started in 1986, this spot is very popular with the crowd in Miamisburg popular, where more people from the region seem to be going for its growing dining and craft beer scene.

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Wick's Pizza Parlor - Big Wick

Wick’s Pizza Parlor

Since 1990, Wick’s Pizza Parlor is been very popular tradition in Louisville. Now with four locations around the city, the spot has won a number of awards ranging from Louisville Magazine’s “Best of Louisville” awards as well as the LEO Magazine’s readers choice picks. But at the heart of it all, though, it is a chain of very casual pizza joints the locals love to come and congregate to enjoy giant pizzas and a long list of great beers. It’s hard to visit the river city without hearing a mention of this place as one of its most popular establishments.

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Evan William,s Bourbon (Louisville, KY)

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Evan Williams is a brand of bourbon you’d recognize throughout the Midwest, and the longstanding distillery has a retail spot and tasting room in downtown Louisville’s legendary Whiskey Row. This spot is renowned as the first stop on Kentucky’s beloved Bourbon Trail, and the tasting room offers a chance for a tour of the history of the company and the city where it resides, as well as a chance to taste the many varieties of bourbon that you can try today from the distillery Evan Williams first founded in 1783. Bourbon is a proud Kentucky product, and the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience is a must if you want to really understand what the famous spirit means to the identity of the Bluegrass State.

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Cake Flour - Cupcakes

Cake Flour

A bakery that serves the Lyndon area of northeast Louisville, Cake Flour is a great spot for Kentucky folks to try a wide variety of baked goodies. The brainchild of New York-educated baker Claudia DeLatorre, Cake Flour looks to bring organic, high-quality baked ingredients to its products, and the result is a great menu of cupcakes, pastries, cakes and baked favorites with a lot of love and a few unique flavors. It’s an interesting spot, and one that seems to have carved out a good niche in Louisville as a unique bakery.

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Overtime Sports Bar - Burger

Overtime Sports Bar & Grill

307 Central Ave. Louisville, KY 40208 502.805.1167 website   With three locations in Kentucky, Overtime Sports Bar & Grill taps into the big events that make Kentucky tick; in Louisville, it draws in crowds from the nearby University of Louisville whose teams bring out fans from all over, as well as Churchill Downs, where hose … Continue reading

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La Colombiana Restaurante

You find a lot of Tex-Mex options in Dayton, Ohio — many using ingredients not common to either Hispanic or Latino cuisine. That has changed lately as the more adventurous diners in town have begun to seek out more interesting and exotic dishes. The newly opened La Colombiana Restaurante is an exciting example of this; the spot focuses on Colombian comfort foods — many you can’t find in any other restaurant in town — and with a simple, elegant presentation that really introduces you to things you’ve never tried before in a very comforting way.

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Sirloin steak

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

It’s a furiously growing concept out of Charlotte, and as soon as you step foot into Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, the smell of smoked hickory fills your nose. This concept is a sleek and modern take on the mid-priced steakhouse restaurant, with plenty of comfort food favorites on tap for diners. Like many in this category, you tend to find only one or two locations to a city, but what it offers in quality and experience is above the bar. Firebirds has a great, well-rounded menu of steaks and sandwiches, and its presence seems to complement upscale shopping centers very well.

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Sushi boat

Shen’s Szechuan & Sushi

A sushi house with a few favorite Chinese dishes, Shen’s Szechuan & Sushi — formerly known as Mr. Lee’s Fine Dining — looks to bring an upscale dining experience to the neighborhoods north of Dayton. This spot keeps it classy with dozens of great options for sushi, including a new specialty roll that comes out weekly, from its experienced chefs. The prices here are a little higher than what is average in the market, but I found them to be worth it, experience is a good one and the staff is great.

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Raspberry pie

Mehaffie’s Pies

One of Dayton’s longest-running bakeries, Mehaffie’s Pies has had a few locations around the city and its suburbs but now operates from a single location on Linden Avenue east of town. The bakery has been in operation since 1930, churning out fruit pies, key lime, specialty desserts and more — always popular with locals. But what really sets the spot apart is its cheesecakes, the classic New York-style take on the favorite dessert that gives you a different experience with it than you may be used to. This spot doesn’t really put the word out about itself, but it’s a place you’ll want to visit.

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