Peachtree Southern Kitchen & Cocktails

200 North Main St.
Hudson, OH 44236
websitePeachtree Southern Kitchen (Hudson, OH)4 stars

The homey, Cleveland suburb of Hudson has a lot of little charms of a small Midwestern town. In the midst of a town like this it’s natural to have a country kitchen-type restaurant, a little of an old-fashioned feel and a very comforting menu of tried and true Southern cuisine favorites. With Hudson a place that feels a little lost in time, this restaurant really does bring comfort with every bite.

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The dishes here are all very comforting; sandwiches, fried sides, seafood suppers and more. There are breakfasts and brunch goodies too. Some of my favorites:

  • Almond French Toast: Delicious, cinnamon-covered French toast, with the added delight of pecans and whipped cream on top. It’s served up with a choice of breakfast meat, I would recommend a little bacon, which will help even out all that great sweet.
  • Fried chicken: A signature dish in this kitchen, the fried chicken is chopped to serve up bone-out and with some sides of your choice. What makes this stuff really great is the batter; it’s heavy on pepper and salt and breaded until it’s extra crispy. It might be a bit on the saltier end, though, so make sure you take a pick of sides with less salt.
  • Chicken & Waffles: A wonderful combo of thick waffles and fried white meat chicken with syrup and some herbs, notably green onion. Ask for it with more syrup, it will definitely make for a better experience in a meal.
  • Breakfast potatoes: A side you can order that is pretty simple; potato slices grilled and served with ketchup. The spices in the potato are what makes it, a little oregano goes a long way.

The restaurant has a friendly vibe and an atmosphere that kind of reminds you of a small town, but the people are generally more city-folk. The food comes to the table relatively quickly, a bit for what you can expect for a country kitchen that the pace is a little more slow. It’s the little things that make the place really charming; the pleasant little porch. The way that the bathrooms offer little hand towels for guests instead of paper towels.

A little bit of friendliness and warmth go a long way; it’s nice that even so close to a city like Cleveland, you can find welcoming, charming places like this. Prices are a bit higher than normal for brunch but you’ll also find the place has a quality to be enjoyed. It’s worth a visit to be sure.


  • The Sunday brunch is a fantastic option, something that you really need to try, though many of the menu items are available other times in the week.
  • The porch here is wonderful. Worth a trip.
  • Go for the fried chicken the first chance you get. If you are here for brunch, make that chicken and waffles.

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