Rhinegeist Brewery

1910 Elm St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Maybe the most high-profile Cincinnati-based craft brewer to result from the recent beer boom, Rhinegeist has quickly gained a statewide following in the few years since it was set up thanks to wide distribution and canning of beer that has brought many kinds across the state. True to form, the brewer itself opened up shop in a historic Over-The-Rhine warehouse once home to the Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. With a nod to that history, and the German character that helped bring this neighborhood to life in its time, the brewery’s open and welcoming beer hall is an experience by itself.

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The beers go far and wide thanks to distribution. Plenty of beers are regulars, while others are only found in seasonal rotations. The unifying theme is that some of these beers are a bit more mild than the iterations you try elsewhere. IPAs that don’t overwhelm on hops, stouts that aren’t rock-heavy. They are definitely designed as crowd-pleasers. Among my favorites:
  • Truth: The distinctive IPA that is probably the most popular beer here. The beer is a bit more mild than average IPAs but still has a clean, hop forward finish.
  • Zen: A session pale ale. This one has a hints of citrus but with a bit of a hoppy taste to make it fresh. Sturdy, crisp flavor.
  • Franz: The Oktoberfest beer for Rhinegeist is actually available year-round. The malts and 5.4 percent ABV will keep you excited no matter the weather.
  • Panther: An American Robust Porter. Heavier and one of those that dark beer drinkers will love. It’s a milk stout-type beer with chocolate aftertaste. Well-rounded.
  • Pure Fury: A hoppy pale ale. This one is distinctly more aggressive on the bitterness than your other beers on the plate here, but still a bit more mild than some of the other breweries in town.
  • Cidergeist Dry Hopped: This hard cider has a citrus mix with the apple taste, which gives it something of a sourness to the initial taste. But the finish is still crisp.
  • Cidergeist Bubbles: A cider made with peach and cranberry juice and carbonated for flair. It’s light and almost airy but so wonderful!
  • Calfe: A milk stout, which has a lot of wonderful chocolaty, malty front but a smooth, velvety body that gently guides through to the finish. 
  • Swizzle: This cider features a strong ginger flavor on the nose a distinctly sour follow-through.

The brewhouse itself is built like a German beer hall, it’s got a very decentralized feel and is open with games, welcoming to groups, and spacious. It’s built to be a place where you can really socialize, and given its popularity in Cincinnati, that means the place is very packed, even in the middle of the day, most of the time. Keep that in mind, but still you will find it an enjoyable experience if you like being around people.

All in all, this place makes beers built to be liked, and it slings them from a home that is assertively friendly. Well worth a visit!


  • Odds are you will first see the name at a bar somewhere else in the state. Give the beers a try, you’ll find they are crowd pleasers.
  • The year-round flavors of traditionally seasonal beers are well worth it. Try the apple ciders or the Franz Oktoberfest.
  • The brewhouse is built like a German beer hall, a mass of people for sure.

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