Great Lakes Brewing Co.

2516 Market Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
An iconic name in Cleveland’s culture long before the current craze of Craft beer struck the nation, Great Lakes Brewing Co. has been brewing beers in the Ohio City neighborhood for over 30 years. Bottles of this beer have been a regional favorite around Ohio for years, and as the place becomes ever more well-known around the country, I can say for sure that this beer is one of the best known to come out of Ohio. In spite of all of this, the bar itself feels relatively low key, a classy establishment easy to love. You’ll remember the time you came here in person.

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About a dozen of the beers that come out of Great Lakes are distributed far and wide. Then more of the beers are available only in the brewhouse itself. Some of the best:
  • Commodore Perry IPA: Maybe one of the most distinct and best known beers of the mix. This beer is bold and aggressive. The finish is bold.
  • Steady Rollin’ IPA: A bit of a hop-aggressive beer. This single hop Session IPA is brewed for days. This one is hoppy all over but it’s got a crisp and clean finish.
  • Red Right 88: A red ale, this one is thick–and strong! This beer is dry and has a very toasty aroma. A little bit more full-bodied, and with that ABV of 8.8 percent you’ll definitely remember it. Still filled with some great hops!
  • Dortmunder Gold Lager: One of the lightest options and one that comes in bottles. This one is a little on the dry side but still with very bright notes, relaxing drink for sure and good in the warmer months.
  • Christmas Ale: This kind of beer can be a novelty, but this is one of the best. Only sold during the Christmas season and one of the most popular brews, this one features cinnamon and nutmeg to make it very comforting.

The brewhouse, located in the near-downtown-Cleveland neighborhood of Ohio City, is actually a very low-key place. It’s kind of like an upscale bar and it offers food. You don’t expect it to be so simple, easy and laid back. But the heavy wooden interior and comfortable patio is very peaceful. All the tempest of craft beer around the country, seeing places like this with some tried and true time behind them really says something.

The bar ingrains itself into Cleveland culture. Spitting distance from the West Side Market where Clevelanders love their meals. Offering bus rides to big city events like to The Jake where the Indians come out to play. This is a place that will really give you a taste of Cleveland. It should be a first visit.


  • Come to the spot for no other reason than the mix of brews that are available only in the brewhouse.
  • There is food, which is great, or there are a lot of other places nearby to eat and this spot can be visited for a nightcap.
  • The spot offers $1 bus rides to Progressive Field via a bus during the season.

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