Taste of Belgium

1133 Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

4 starsIt’s certainly one of the hippest spots in Cincinnati, and Taste of Belgium now has three locations along with a little waffle stand in the Findlay Market. The place has a little bit of a lot of things about it; it’s a bistro concept that specializes in waffle creations, not just the breakfast-y kind, but also it’s a bar with a serious variety of beers, wines, and mixed drinks. At meal time, expect to see a massive crowd of people making its way through the doors. People like the place a lot.

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Taste of Belgium makes a number of breakfast items as well as sandwiches, but by far you’ll find the waffles to be the best thing on the menu.

  • The waffle is a delicacy; it’s made from ultra-thick batter and cooked until it’s got a wonderful crunch, the syrup is baked right inside so that every bite has that maple flavor. They’re served a few different ways; the basic waffle, that can be topped with whipped cream and fruit and other simple delights.
  • Waffle and chicken: Served next to one another, the chicken is topped with some hot sauce, just a little spicy, and you have this perfection: sweet and spicy, crispy on juicy. The best of both worlds. A must if you are trying the place for the first time.
  • Brunch burger: This burger is sandwiched between two fantastic thick waffles–Taste of Belgium’s signature, with the syrup giving a sweetness, the salty bacon and savory egg only adding to the amazing.
  • Smoked salmon baguette: Refined alternative. Goat cheese dill spread, lemon, capers, arugula make this sandwich a lighter but no less tasty alternative.
  • TOB latte: Has just a hint of the herbaceous chai flavor but with a great foam and a little whipped cream to top it off. It’s a rich flavor that goes well with the rich waffles.
  • McWaffle: A breakfast sandwich between those wonderful TOB waffles, this filling beast has Egg, bacon and Gruyère between two crunchy waffles topped with a maple syrup.
  • Machine Gun: This number features merguez, a spicy mutton sausage popular in Middle Eastern cooking, topped with pickled onions and a chipotle mayo. It’s got a kicking heat and best if you want something heavy for brunch.
  • Chai latte: Heavy on the cinnamon, a lighter touch on the chai spices themselves.

One  thing you really, really need to know: This place is immensely popular in Cincinnati. If you’re headed in for lunch, expect a serious wait. I dropped in once at 11:30 and had a 30-minute wait for a table on a Sunday.  On a Saturday I went in around 2:00 and tables were open. People come and go through quickly, but be aware: this is a much-loved spot and it can get pretty crazy.

But all that love comes with good reason; Taste of Belgium is all the rage because the food is amazing, and you


  • Myself, I’m partial to the chicken and waffles, but not all of the food is so heavy. Waffle sandwiches are good, and there are simple light things like parfaits and crepes, for the healthy eater.
  • Keep in mind the great popularity of Taste of Belgium. At any of the locations I would suggest avoiding the mealtime rush. Or be prepared to wait.
  • Also, they sell their waffles in 5-packs, if you love them so much that you want to take them home.

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One thought on “Taste of Belgium

  1. hi, this is just pure american food, nothing belgium about it, perhaps the waffles but we eat them as a desert or snack, certainly not with chicken.

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