Maloney’s Pub

408 Greenwell Ave. 
Cincinnati, OH 45238 
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It’s a corner Irish pub with a specialty for good sports and bar food, and Maloney’s Irish Pub seems to attract quite a crowd on days when the Cincinnati Reds come out to play. Nestled in Delhi Township on the city’s west side, this bar serves its drinks tall and takes its sports seriously. It’s not a flashy place at all, but overall it does seem to stand well as a community watering hole with a little bit of a charm to it. The food is simple. The sports are serious.

Maloney’s heavily favors the classic bar food; burgers and wings on top, with various fried appetizers being what most people eat. They also do have some heartier grub like meat loaf, fish, pork chops, Salisbury steak, and the like. I had to have a go at the bar food, though, and I was impressed. The burger is great, I tried the classic, and it’s a frozen patty, but something about it is just good. It tastes like it’s had a good seasoning added to it but I can’t point to a single herb. Who knows, maybe it’s got the perfect mix of salt and pepper, but nonetheless, it’s a rare example of average ingredients making an above average dish. I like the waffle fries, but they’re also frozen.

There are spots that really show some original thought in the food, though. They have fried green beans here. You read that right, they’re dipped in bread crumbs and fried to produce something that’s actually pretty good; a little bit of salt makes them good, as does the spicy ranch served with them. Great stuff.

The atmosphere of the place is definitely one of a local dive, the calendar is packed with local events like chili cook offs and activities, but the place is very friendly and inviting. It’s definitely got plenty of TVs to watch the sports, and so it’s easy to see this as a place to drop in with some friends. In all, it’s a rustic find, but a good time nonetheless. Delhi Township residents give it a try.


  • Get the fried green beans. No, really.
  • Some nights have specials on drinks and appetizers. Check their Facebook for more info.
  • Parking can be a pain, there are limited spaces in the lot, so carpool if you can.

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