Cap City Diner

6644 Riverside Dr.
Dublin, OH 43017

Another of the handful of concepts in Columbus created by restaurateur Cameron Mitchell, this restaurant literally maintains the old-fashioned diner motif, with an Americana cuisine the mainstay, but each dish presented in kind of an interesting and creative way. Thanksgiving sandwiches. Corn, rice and veggie salads. These things go alongside blue plate specials like chicken pot pies, liver and onions, and many more things like that. It’s always really cool when a chef experienced in the finest of cuisine launches something casual. The creativity is there, but the meals remain very easy to stomach. What a wonderful experience.

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It’s a bigger menu here but there’s just so many good things to try. Among them:

  • Thanksgiving sandwich: A thanksgiving meal crammed into a sandwich. White turkey, stuffing, gravy. Creative but my gosh is it delicious.
  • Meatloaf sandwich: Just as it sounds, an enormous meatloaf hunk with some ketchup. Kind of another Midwestern comfort food built into a sandwich. But delicious!
  • Smoked Salmon Bagel: I take on the classic New York lox, this is a brunch option and it’s wonderful.  You go to bagel yourself with whatever amount of salad, capers, cream cheese and salmon slices you might like.  Probably best if you’re looking for something light.
  • Cameron’s Walleye: A Friday special, the light walleye fish is topped with a little crab for good measure.
  • Quiche: A thick, egg custard and lots and lots of spinach make this quiche a dense brunch item. But then that wonderful, flaky crust on the outside adds a whole lot too.
  • Brownie sundae: Ice cream, hot fudge, big brownies. It’s enormous, highly recommended for a group of three or more people. Do you think it is going to taste like any other sundae? You’d be wrong.

The restaurant has an interesting interior feel, with the Dublin location having been filled out and the Grandview location having recently been renovated. It’s kind of got a dark feeling almost like a bar, and yet a friendly diner feeling in the decorations. So it kind of skirts the lines between a modern sleek or a bar and an old timey restaurant dive.

Cameron Mitchell has demonstrated mastery with this concept. It takes dishes and ideas that are widely repeated in the restaurant world, and might seem a little bit stale, and add something new to them. It takes simple concepts and ideas and executes them flawlessly. It is definitely worth an experience, if not for the reason that every dish is fantastic.


  • There’s an extensive brunch menu, though I might suggest making reservations if you can, because the restaurant is pretty popular in Columbus.
  • If you know restaurant names, but this is probably one of the cheaper options to taste Cameron Mitchell food. And definitely worth the experience.
  • The sandwiches, even though they might sound a little bit quirky, or actually really delicious.

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