1175 N High St.
Columbus, OH 43201
website When Scottish craft beer shop BrewDog announced plans to open a U.S. taproom in Columbus, it generated enormous buzz. Not only because the beer is flatly amazing, but because it’s been a gift that keeps on giving. First a taproom in the hot Short North area, then another in the up-and-coming Franklinton. Next, it’s opening a hotel, probably the first of its kind, and it’s going to be a very Columbus experience. The place is growing and changing quickly, of that there is no doubt. But there’s a consistent element: this place is just really great all around.

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The beers, of course, are the first reason to give it a try. This place is renowned as a maker of strong beers, and many are packed with flavor:

  • Clockwork Tangerine: It might sound like a milder seasonal, but this citrus-packed IPA isn’t light on the hops.
  • Hazy Jane IPA:  Another IPA, albeit with a different character. This address here is more of the pineapple variety and there is a background of bitterness that completes with a pleasant hoppy finish.
  • Five n Dime: A pale, wheat ale, this one has noticeably brighter mango tomes and overall sweet and tart.
  • Freak State: Thick, chewy and dark. Definitely an acquired taste, though at a 6.6% ABV not too heavy-handed.
  • Small Screen Hero: A pale and one of the rare mild ales on the menu for BrewDog, and definitely no less wonderful.
  • Kingpin: A robust, full-bodied lager with a strong malt forward flavor, spicy notes and a bitter finish. No one does these masterpiece, intense beers like BrewDog.
  • Pina Playa: This lighter summer gose has a sour, pineapple flavor and a nice, sour finish.

There’s a menu of food too, and it grows a little bit more every time I come back.

  • Wings: Enormous cuts of chicken smothered in a very classic sauce with a warm heat. Good to share, have too many and you’ll feel the burn sneak up on you.
  • Pizza: As is popular around these parts, the pizza is thin crust though it is served as slices instead of squares. Maybe a little bit oily, especially with pepperoni, but dab it with a napkin and it should be fine.
  • Tacos: There are two kinds of tacos, one is a black bean variety and the other is a brisket in a crunchy taco shell. A bit oily but sweet and delicious, seasoned beef.
  • Burger: Two thin patties well-done and served up in a mountain of cheese and bacon. Egregiously delicious.

So there is a very specific field to this bar that might be worth mentioning. There are no televisions inside, no arcade games, no dartboards, no pool tables. While both locations have a patio, you won’t find alot as far as activities.  This is very different from any of the other bars in the short north and Franklinton. Kind of seems unsettling to people, but I think the concept is focused on having a conversation with the people around you, instead of being distracted by other things. But, this kind of venue will always have some people who don’t like it.

Just a little bit different, still very interesting. Bulldog took on a very crowded market when it opened a bar in Columbus, but it really does bring something different to the table. This really is a fun place to hang out with people. Talk is that they have eyes on expanding, andI think they’ll find success.


  • The food selection is not huge, so I probably suggest thinking of this as a place to drink with some snacks.
  •  Dark beers are with this bar is well known for, but it seems to focus on greater varieties of style in the states.
  • The patio here is wonderful.

BrewDog Short North Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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