Rodizio Grill

7630 Gibson St. Suite 110
Liberty Township, OH 45069
websiterodizio-grill-liberty-township-oh4 starsEnvisioned as a way to bring a Brazilian style of eating to the United States in a form where it hasn’t been, the Rodizio Grill chain finds its way into upscale shopping center and mixed use developments with a lot of cool ideas. The over 20 locations promise a meat-lover’s paradise; the full Rodizio experience offers different kinds of steaks and meats roasted over a spit, then served to you at your table by “gauchos,” or Brazilian cowboys. Then you can also enjoy the buffet with a full list of hot foods, veggies, and other kinds of things. It’s a pricier experience, and one where you’ll walk away very full, but Rodizio still has a lot to offer.

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When getting the full Rodizio experience, you’ll have a signal on your table for the gauchos to stop by and offer you cuts of meat right off of the spit. Here are some of the things that are offered to be passed around:

  • Picanha: Top sirloin. Easily the best of the cuts of meat, this stuff is juicy and soft and it’s the one worth saving room for.
  • Maminha: Tri-tip, or rump steak. This one is also a good beef cut, but it’s also a bit salty. I do like it though.
  • Bife com Alho: A beef steak with garlic. This one is also salty but that heavy garlic makes it great.
  • Miolo da Paleta: Beef center-cut. So I like this cut of beef, but it’s a bit fattier of all of the meats.
  • Frango Agridoce: A sweet and spicy chicken concoction with a sauce that has a warm heat. That hot sauce is great.
  • Sobre Coxa: Marinated and seasoned chicken. I didn’t like this one, I found it to be a bit dry.
  • Coração: Grilled chicken hearts. Not often you find this in the U.S. Chewy, but good.
  • Linguiça: A smoke-cured pork sausage. Very juicy!
  • Lombo Com Queijo: Tender pork with Parmesan cheese and bacon. This one was also a bit on the drier end.
  • Presunto: A Portuguese dry-cured ham. I didn’t find this one especially inspiring but it’s still good.
  • Abacaxi: A grilled pineapple with a sweet and sticky glaze. This is a favorite non-meat dish that is always available. Good for a dessert.

The buffet has a lot of quality things, I won’t go into all of them, but you’ll find a lot of good things. The price points are a bit higher, as your tab for the “full Rodizio” experience running in the $30 range. But all that nicely cooked meat is well worth the experience.

Rodizio brings a new kind of dining to popular understanding. While it’s pricey, it’s still a worthy experience.


  • There is a Sunday brunch which is a bit less expensive.
  • Rodizio is good for a nicer experience or a good night out. Highly recommended for meat lovers, vegetarians might not enjoy the place.
  • The food is definitely good. Might be better to go when there are more people, because otherwise the meat can dry out.

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