Jim’s Donut Shop

122 E. National Rd.
Vandalia, OH 45377
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An immensely simple operation set up along East National Road in Vandalia, Jim’s Donut Shop epitomizes the small American donut shop. Folks come in starting early in the morning and try a variety of donuts and coffee, so I’m sitting around an oversized counter, others taking boxes to go. Like in a classic American experience, this one has seen a threat in the form of modern big chains threatening to take over. But the community has rallied around it in turn.

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The shop let you pick your own donuts from a wide variety, so it does not keep a regular schedule of what it offers posted, and even in the store they aren’t always labeled. In general though, expect sweet donuts.

  • Chocolate covered: A pretty simple experience, these donuts are filled with toppings like nuts and other things. Not bad.
  • Braids: unlike most braids which are more of a pretzel than anything else, these are thick and crispy options that promise a ton of flavor.
  • Cinnamon rolls: Wound up tight, the cinnamon rolls are doughy on the outside but the center is filled full of cinnamon. They’re smaller than the average roll.
  • Cream filled: The cream filled donuts are a nice combination; the cream is the sweetest by far, and then the dough is a bit less so by comparison. The overall product is still very tasty.
  • Hot chocolate: A favorite sweet-on-sweet and tasty drink, it’s as sweet as the donuts and goes perfectly on a cold day.

The price points for the donuts are the place aren’t too bad, a few donuts to share and some coffees will only run you five bucks. The spot feels a bit lost in time; there is a lot of support in Vandalia for this little shop, which is nice to see. While the interior of the place feels like it could use an update, that’s just the way it is in little shops like this one.

I’ve never had a negative experience with the staff, and in fact they seemed to manage the crowd well, one morning being one where crowds were frequently coming in and causing a small rush. All told, it’s sort of the classic donut shop experience, the kind that is becoming increasingly rare. I’d say those donuts make this spot worth a visit.


  • The donuts are very sweet, which makes the place pretty popular in the mornings, as people come in and order them,
  • There isn’t much of a social media presence for the place so it’s hard to know what’s being made from day to day, but they have started labeling things, which is great.
  • The interior feels a bit old fashioned, but the place is still great.

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