There are a dozen Cinebistro locations all over the country, most to be found in new high-end developments. Bringing a new and creative take to the traditional movie night, Cinebistro offers something all-too-handy: the chance to eat right in your seat as you watch the movie — a very convenient choice! With a general menu of a lot of different kinds of foods, this place offers the seafood, sandwiches and other dishes you would expect at many an Americana-style grill around town anyway. While you might pay a bit more for the experience, I would also said you might find it an attractive novelty.

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Rodizio Grill

Envisioned as a way to bring a Brazilian style of eating to the United States in a form where it hasn’t been, the Rodizio Grill chain finds its way into upscale shopping center and mixed use developments with a lot of cool ideas. The over 20 locations promise a meat-lover’s paradise; the full Rodizio experience offers different kinds of steaks and meats roasted over a spit, then served to you at your table by “gauchos,” or Brazilian cowboys. Then you can also enjoy the buffet with a full list of hot foods, veggies, and other kinds of things. It’s a pricier experience, and one where you’ll walk away very full, but Rodizio still has a lot to offer.

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Dulce Vegan Bakery

Modern American cuisine is a tricky thing. There are so many different ideas and concepts coming and going from today’s dining scene. It’s what makes writing food blogs like this one so fun. Hundreds of reviews later, though, some of the concepts blend together, some of the ideas become repetitive.
But every now and then you find something truly amazing. Atlanta is home to one of those things. And it is called Dulce Vegan Bakery. Today’s diner wants to find something interesting to eat on a healthier note. But vegetarian and vegan concepts that make amazing food are hard to find. Which is why Dulce is worth a special visit.

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