4027 Erie St.
Willoughby, OH 44094
The northeast Ohio suburb of Willoughby is an attractive village with a main stretch full of great local food concepts and colorful bars. Overflowing with character, the simply-named “Burgers-n-beer” bar just about needs no further explanation for its menu of delicious craft beers and an array of uniquely crafted, eccentrically-topped burgers. You can get a burger for any kind of mood here, and while you’re sure to find more than a few that look, well, over-the-top, there’s something really endearing about the place. And what in the world is more endearing than a burger and a beer?

The burger menu is the first thing to try here, because where else will you find these kinds of burgers? Each is a half-pound burger, cooked to order. My favorites:

  • Bacon Cheeseburger: OK, starting with the basic burger says a lot about how good they are. This all-American creation can be made into a stuffed burger–like the famous “Juicy Lucy,” it’s filled with cheddar cheese and topped with crispy bacon. It’s a filling burger and, for its simple recipe, still very distinct.
  • Italian burger: A mashup of an Italian sub and a burger. This burger is topped with capicola and salami plus provolone cheese and just a bit of marinara sauce. Top that with a little bit of mayo and you’ve got the best of both worlds; a sub with a juicy hamburger inside.

There are such creative ideas as the burger that is topped with salami, the burger that is filled with gorgonzola cheese, and the sliders with an onion mushroom mix. Some pretty cool combinations to be tried. Chicken sandwiches and other bar foods are here if you want something else, too.

Service at this restaurant is pretty good, in great part because it seems to have a lot of credit in tables, but a lot of staff to support them. It has the feel of a  kind of classic bar, with older memorabilia lining the walls, a lot of close together tables, and what feels very much like a house that was converted into a restaurant.  Crowded is the word here, expected to feel a little bit higher energy, might not be a type of place to go if you were looking for something quiet.

That said, the food is really good, the price points are not that expensive, and want to wait might be a little bit longer than is the case at some of the other bars in the main stretch of Willoughby,  what’s this place offers is a really unusual experience. And I think it’s worth a special trip.


  • This is the spot in Willoughby’s main stretch that specializes in burgers. It’s got a lot of regional craft beers to enjoy too.
  • Expect the spot to be crowded, it’s best to go with a small group and expect to be in a loud spot.
  • If you don’t like burgers, other good sandwiches are also on the menu.

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