Soho Japanese Bistro

7655 Voice of America Centre Dr.
West Chester Township, OH 45069
websiteSoho Japanese Bistro (West Chester, OH)3 stars

As the Cincinnati suburbs have expended north, nicer restaurant concepts have emerged alongside them. The Voice of America Park is one of several major shopping developments to emerge in the growing Interstate 75 corridor between Cincinnati and Columbus. But even as that allows for a measure of creativity, the concepts here tend to be upscale, old-school and focusing on making quality food and experiences. Soho Japanese Bistro is one of the prime examples, and a great one at that.

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Sushi is most of the menu here, though steak and seafood are also on the menu. Here are some of the sushi dishes that I really liked:

  • Mango Tango: Spicy Yellowtail, avocado, tempura flakes and mango topped with mango sauce, that makes a bit of a sweeter role.
  • Temptation Roll: Shrimp tempura and cream cheese fill the roll, and then it is topped with sweet potatoes, avocado and eel sauce. Sweet potato is an interesting addition to this.
  • Hurricane Roll: Crab stick and avocado roll topped with spicy tuna and spicy mayo, the tuna salad atop the roll really makes this one a good filling roll. Recommend it with other, less flavor-packed varieties.
  • Scallop: Chopped scallops with a simple presentation of spicy mayo and tempura flakes. The scallop is cooked nicely, but the tempura crunch atop the scallop is what makes it great.
  • Spicy Tuna: The spicy tuna in this role is more of a salad than a cut of fish, but the bit of spicy mayo atop is really makes this one great.
  • Salmon and avocado: The cut of salmon in this roll makes it easy to love. This one has a very muted flavor and I suggest it as a roll to go aside one of the premium rolls on the menu.
  • I tried a few of the appetizers that I really enjoyed, including a miso soup with a nice bit of chopped scallions in it, as well as lettuce wraps–topped with chicken and a sweet chili sauce.

The drinks here are worth mentioning, too. I liked the sangria drinks, which come with either red or white wine, and are $5 for evening specials. The martinis are also great. I like the lychees-infused martini, it’s a take on a much loved fruit converted into a very unusual drink. Or, another great suggestion would be the peartini, that one is a bit sweeter than your average martini but it is a nice and smooth drink.

The restaurant is a good experience overall. I like the comcept, it fits a niche of higher quality sushi in the north Cincinnati area. Worth a trip.


  • Sushi is the popular menu item here. Get a few rolls for best experience.
  • Have a drink while you are at it. Martinis are great.
  • Prices here are a little higher so I would suggest taking a date or a small group of friends.

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