Mimi’s Cafe

4402 Walnut St.
Beavercreek, OH 45440
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With about 100 locations around the country, Mimi’s Cafe started in California, moved to Texas, and has since spread quickly with its very attractive concept of French-inspired casual dining fare. The spot offers a generally very different menu of items to be enjoyed, ranging from expansive breakfasts to hearty lunches of many kinds. The spot tends to pop up in a few locations in cities all over the country, preferring nice neighborhoods and cultured palettes. The spot has something interesting to offer, that’s for sure.

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Here are some of the dishes that I really enjoyed here:

  • Brioche french toast: This is the straightforward version of French toast and is oh-so-simple, with a nice bit of powdered sugar to top it off too. Served, no less, with eggs and bacon that really make it a simple breakfast delight.
  • Turkey, Bacon & Mushroom Brie Crêpes: You can’t get better at simple food that crepes, and these are especially delicious. The crepes are filled with a roasted turkey and browned mushrooms, as well as a bit of bacon and cheese. Textures collide in this one, and the end result, I think, is really great.
  • Breakfast tacos: Stuffed with eggs, sausage and veggies and served alongside salsa and guac. The tortilla is a bit try, so the addition of salsa and guac is really needed to balance this one out.
  • Muffins: Coming in a few different flavors, the muffins offer everything from buttermilk spice, honey bran, a carrot-and-raisin combo and monthly muffins. First timers at Mimi’s get a few muffins to take home at no charge, which is another cool way for people to get introduced to this inventive chain’s ideas.
  • Egg Spinach and Cheese Crepes: These are topped with a nice mornay cheese sauce to give a little extra kick. Very filling for breakfast.
  • Waffles: Great when topped with pecans and a mound of butter. Crunchy, filling.

Mimi’s gets its interior inspiration from street restaurants in the close-in cities of France, with lots of memorabilia decorating the walls and a very busy interior feel that is still very welcoming to visitors. The service is par for a casual restaurant chain of this size; it’s built for speed and efficiency, and the restaurant always has a lot of wait staff on hand, still there are times when you’ll find rush hour leaves the food a little slower to come.

The price points here are pretty on par with what you would expect from a casual restaurant, and the food is definitely designed to have as wide an appeal as possible. All told though, not a bad place to try.


  • First time here? Some of the restaurants will offer you free muffins to take home after your meal.
  • The restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with a very large menu. While the spot tends to be best in eating with groups of friends and family, I would also say it would make a good spot for a business meeting.
  • I have liked the breakfast food items here, though lunch has also been great.

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