Shen’s Szechuan & Sushi

7580 Poe Ave.
Dayton, OH 45414

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4 stars

A sushi house with a few favorite Chinese dishes, Shen’s Szechuan & Sushi — formerly known as Mr. Lee’s Fine Dining — looks to bring an upscale dining experience to the neighborhoods north of Dayton. This spot keeps it classy with dozens of great options for sushi, including a new specialty roll that comes out weekly, from its experienced chefs. The prices here are a little higher than what is average in the market, but I found them to be worth it, experience is a good one and the staff is great.

The spot does sushi like few other places in this part of town. Here are a few of the rolls I recommend:

  • Yummy roll: shrimp tempura topped with crab. A simple roll, but it’s got a very satisfying crunch to it, and it’s just perfect dipped in that nice dark sauce.
  • Jumbo Shrimp Tempura: Avocado, masago and cream cheese contribute to a creamy texture for this roll, kind of a cooler flavor profile considering the meat and spice that is present in many of the other rolls.
  • Volcano: A nice combination of tuna, salmon, red snapper, eel, and crab all deep fried. Actually, the resulting roll is a big one, and it’s
  • Sashimi: Not sushi but very much in the same family. Sashimi is fresh, raw fish sliced into thin pieces and served with some sauces, spices and a few other things on the side. Not for the inexperienced with raw fish, but nonetheless the texture and freshness of the fish? Just spot on.

Some of the great apps include the shanghai spring rolls, which are made a little thicker than your average spring roll and instead of being vegetarian, they’re filled with chicken, shrimp and veggies. I liked the pan-fried dumplings and their slightly spicy sauce. That said, I didn’t enjoy the teriyaki beef quite as much — the meat was a little dry by the time it was cooked. And the crab Rangoon, a common appetizer, was high on the cream cheese, I thought, and low on the crab meat.

The service is exceptional. I found everything about the interactions with the staff to be fantastic. The food came in a reasonable time, and consistently the spot was one of great professionalism. A restaurant looking to be upscale like this one needs a well trained staff, and this spot clearly has a good team of people. In all, the experience here was great, and I recommend it as a place well worth a visit.


  • The sushi is the best thing to try. Whether you get one of the Chef Special Roll menu items, one of the temporary rolls that shows up now and then, or a sushi boat with all of the above, it should be the first thing you try.
  • If you don’t like sushi, there are a number of classic Chinese food options done to a high degree of quality.
  • Also consider the sashimi — if you’re experienced with raw fish.

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