Mehaffie’s Pies

3013 Linden Ave.
Dayton OH 45410
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One of Dayton’s longest-running bakeries, Mehaffie’s Pies has had a few locations around the city and its suburbs but now operates from a single location on Linden Avenue east of town. The bakery has been in operation since 1930, churning out fruit pies, key lime, specialty desserts and more — always popular with locals. But what really sets the spot apart is its cheesecakes, the classic New York-style take on the favorite dessert that gives you a different experience with it than you may be used to. This spot doesn’t really put the word out about itself, but it’s a place you’ll want to visit.


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So the cheesecake a funny thing. Here in America, we generally make cheesecake out of cream cheese, because it is sweeter and produces a more uniform texture. But other countries like different kinds of cheese. Abroad you can try cheesecakes with ricotta cheese, or even a cheese substance called “quark.” Generally the end result is that those cheesecakes are thicker and more dense, with a texture is something like ice cream. New York style cheesecake is a compromise: it’s sometimes made with cream cheese or heavy cream to produce that ice cream thickness.

  • Cheesecake: Mehaffie’s does the New York cheesecake brilliantly, the cheesecake has a stiff texture and an almost melt-in-your-mouth consistency that is perfect. You can get the simple, plain version, or you can go for one of the delightful chocolate toppings, whether it’s a “turtle” style with nuts, caramel and chocolate, or with the simple addition of chocolate chips. Well worth a go.
  • Blueberry pie: With a flaky crust as a base, this pie is filled with a thick blueberry center that will keep you coming back. Hard to stop at one slice!

Of course there are also other pies that you can try, many fruit versions, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and cream versions like key lime, butterscotch and lemon meringue. Want to take the pies to travel? Actually, Mehaffie’s has an interesting concept, the Pie Peddler fundraising program. Through it, pies come to a wide swath of Ohio and beyond, from Toledo to Louisville. It’s worth considering, to be sure.

The sad thing about food blogging is that you really see how quickly the little mom-and-pop places really do dry up in the face of trendier and more corporate food establishments. So cherish the ones that stick around. Mehaffie’s is a great treasure for Dayton.


  • The New York style cheesecakes are the best item on the menu, I think, and a must-try.
  • The spot offers some of its pies, like the cheesecake, by the slice. If a whole pie sounds unappealing.
  • Also, consider the Pie Peddler Fundraiser to get Mehaffie’s out of Dayton!

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