Trattoria Roma

1447 Grandview Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212

Every neighborhood has its staple Italian joint, and for Grandview Heights, Trattoria Roma has been this constant thing as many restaurants around it opened up, evolved or changed. Certainly as a result, it’s got a little older, quieter and more classic feeling, but that says nothing of the food, which remains a comfort destination for Columbus diners eager for a little of the classic food. For that crowd, Trattoria Roma offers the kind of simplicity and authenticity that makes restaurants endure. And endure this one should.

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There’s something to be said for the feel of a good Italian haunt; they always have a kind of lowlit, formal atmosphere that gives way to an intimate, calm feeling. Music wafts throughout with a very romantic feel to it. Always, always a plus. Some of the things I liked:

  • Fettuccine Alfredo: Always a staple in Classic Italian places, this take on the dish features wide, flat noodles and a cream sauce so thick it’s practically cheese. Add a little salty Parmesan on top and you end up with this awesome dish. Filling for two meals.
  • Lasagna: Thick layers of pasta that hide ample helpings of sausage, beef, ricotta and spinach. Grilled to a crunch on the outer layers to add a little extra element of crispness.
  • Chicken Parmesan: Likable because it is lightly breaded but not too overwhelming or heavy, the blackened and crunchy chicken is so good with the softer, sweeter tomato sauce. And best, I think, with the trio of items, “Taste of Italy” that lets you enjoy a reasonable portion.
  • Sea Bass: One of the options available if you want something a little more bland, this fish is perfect with a little cajun seasoning and cracked pepper. Veggies always the ideal side.

The restaurant has a simplicity to it, of course, that can only come from a place that has been open for decades and has a regular following that keeps it busy. Trattoria certainly does, and so on most nights you’ll find a giant set of tables pushed together to allow for a big group of lifelong friends to enjoy it. The restaurant has the charm and the staying power that belies a place open since 1990. For many long-time residents of Grandview and nearby, it’s name enough.

This is the ideal date spot for its intimacy and its simplicity. Trattoria has continued to draw people and kept up with many things that have opened around it for good reason. It’s a place to make memories.


  • The Taste of Italy is a one or two-meal sampler of three dishes, which I recommend if you want to try a few things on this menu for a first try.
  • A great date spot, reservations definitely recommended.
  • A great wine list also makes the place pretty agreeable to someone who has a refined palette.

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