Brekkie Shack

1060 Yard St.
Columbus, OH 43212

Grandview Yard has sprung out of the proverbial wilderness in a few years with a massive, upscale industrial mixed-use development, attracting many Nationwide employees and downtown workers and dwellers. Brekkie Shack is the resident breakfast shop, with a bright decor and a casual and easygoing feel, it specializes in fresh, simple and very natural ingredients. The menu here is all made in-house and that makes a huge difference in what it delivers. I like it.

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The menu is overwhelmingly simple and Americano type foods. Among the things I tried:

  • Granola: This granola is made in house from a combination of oats, nuts and seeds, served alongside a bit of honey, yogurt, chopped banana and strawberries. Mix it all together and you get a sweet, fruity, nutty wonderful crunch. Very satisfying first thing in the morning.
  • Plant-Based Hash: This medley has roasted sweet potatoes, asparagus, chopped brussel sprouts, radishes and onions, all topped off with two sunny-side-up eggs. The veggies make for a pretty pure-flavor kind of dinner while the eggs give a protein burst. My eggs were on the salty end, though.
  • Coastin’ Burrito: Cheesy scrambled eggs, chopped avocado, fries and seasoned cream. The burrito is filling but I also thought it didn’t need the fries, which certainly add a little weight. They can’t be stirred in easily, either, which makes for a starchy few bites.
  • Orange juice: Cool, sweet, simple, probably best for a simple booster to the good food.
  • Coffee: This shop uses Crimson Cup Coffee for its menu, so expect those pleasant aromas in all of the coffee drinks.

A good restaurant has a great ambiance, and that’s especially true of breakfast spots, so the huge boost of natural light adds a lot to Brekkie Shack’s feel, and that goes doubly for the playful light colors and pineapple theme. “Healthy and energizing” goes into the menu but the bright, happy and minimalist feel of the restaurant interior plays well and makes it a casual and relaxing place to have a meal.


  • The spot does serve beer and some breakfast cocktails so good to lounge if you might like something more of a day-drinking adventure.
  • It’s also nice to feel the lighter breakfast foods here are suited to someone who wants something a little lighter in their morning.
  • On the other hand, plenty of baked goodies if you’re feeling a serious sweet craving.

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