Pepper Twins

315 Fairview St
Houston, TX 77006

Houston has quite a variety of great Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, but Pepper Twins is different from those in at eight special is it specifically in Szechuan cuisine. This area of china offer some very unique dishes and requires a little bit of expertise to cooperate. Fortunately at this restaurant hit it out of the park what is it open in 2015 and has since grown to several more locations. All of that rests on the back of an exception menu, small by comparison of other Chinese shops in town, but a whole order of magnitude more authentic. This is a place you’ll want to plan an evening around.

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The menu is focused, with a lot of special dishes. Things to try:

  • Pepper Twins Chicken: The signature dish, this one imbued with the wonderful, unique Sichuan peppercorn, which adds a subtle heat but there’s something else – this pepper makes your mouth tingle a bit! Unique.
  • Hot Diving Fish: This bot of hot fish is liberally seasoned with peppers and hot oil but it’s not too overwhelming. Good when shared.
  • Mongolian beef: The beef is a simpler dish as it goes, of course the beef is chopped up into smaller pieces and served with sautéed veggies. The sauce isn’t too much or too sweet which is good.
  • Salty pepper shrimp: Relies on some strong flavors, including lots of cracked pepper and onions to give the shrimp a little good feeling.
  • Fried rice: There are a few different options for fried rice but all of them have the same pleasant stickiness about them. Pork fried rice is always a crowd pleaser so I recommend that one.
  • Dry fried green beans: These green beans are cooked in just a smidgeon of oil so it’s not greasy but retains some crunchiness. Good when shared.
  • Sweet and Sour Eggplant with Ground Berkshire Pork: This eggplant is another great side dish, the eggplant sits in a wonderful oil and leaves the very satisfying crunch intact.
  • Sweet sticky rice: This special kind of sweet, sticky rice is a dessert. Not too sweet! Served with cranberries on top.

The restaurant suffers nothing in the food, and it does so in what feels like a relatively modest atmosphere. Make no mistake, the food is the first and foremost part of the place, the ambiance comes second, but I would still say it is a good place to bring a family, or a date, or maybe just someone who has a love of this special kind of Chinese cuisine.

Chinese cuisine is often oversimplified, and some of those more subtle ingredients like those in Sichuan food get overlooked. This is going to be an awesome representation of that unique kind of food. Give it a try.


  • Go for the signature dishes if you’re up for a unique Sichuan tingle.
  • Consider the veggie dishes to split while you enjoy a meat-based main course.
  • The glutinous rice dessert isn’t on the menu but wonderful.

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