Tejas Barbecue and Chocolate

200 N. Elm St.
Tomball, TX 77375

What looks from the outside like a small house in the Tomball suburb of Houston, Tejas has created something truly special that has been highlighted throughout this part of the state. The line is almost out the door all the time for this wonderful combination of chocolates and barbecue, husband and wife team put together that great combination and I can tell you they complement each other well. It always in the quality year, an emphasis on good, even when it takes time, created a truly special experience.

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The restaurant had a strong focus on the barbecue of course, but it really is a yin and a yang. Both are necessary to understand the whole things. What I liked:

  • Pulled pork: Smoked for a long time and then presented literally as a mound, the stuff is great with that wonderful tangy barbecue sauce. For best results, get something mild like one of the vegetables.
  • Carrot souffle: Kind of intriguing as a side, this casserole is soft and just a little bit sweet but not too much! Goes over well with savory meats.
  • Lindy’s Lavender: This truffle is remarkably subtle! Just a hint of that nice floral affect without adding too much in the sweetness department, in fact the darker chocolate is a masterfully muted flavor.
  • Bananas Foster: Bananas are strong with this one! One of the more distinct truffles by a long shot.
  • Pecan Praline: A little bit crunchier than the other truffles, almost like a cookie this one is. As with the others, the key with this truffle is its remarkable subtlety, strong on the cacao and light on the waxy, cheap-tasting sweetness.
  • Madagascar: Coffee is an assertive flavor in this truffle, which has a very comfortable bitterness to mellow the chocolate just a little bit.

Kind of evoking a home barbecue, this shop has a walk up counter where you pick up your food On a tray, and there are big picnic tables on the outside, taking a huge step down from any pretension. It is just a place to ho to have some good food.

When this spot landed on Texas Monthly’s legendary list of best 50 barbecue joints in the Lone Star state, things started picking up and the line is out the door pretty regularly. The prices are a bit on the higher end, though the quality of the food speaks for itself for sure. The line is worth it, the prices are worth it, and honestly the feel of this restaurant is so unique that I would call it worth a special trip.


  • There’s nothing better than the barbecued meat, and most of the dishes on the menu are delicious. Some are served as-is, meaning no sides or other dishes without up-charge, FYI.
  • You can get the chocolates in a separate line. Four dollars apiece but try at least one.
  • Best on a warm day to take advantage of the outdoor seating.

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