Christian’s Tailgate

1010 Hwy 6
Houston, TX 77079

Set up as kind of a fun, easygoing bar where you come for big food and big drinks, Christian’s Tailgate has five locations around the Houston megacomplex, each one has plenty of character. A big interior, giant mugs of beer and ridiculous, huge plates of food are what you’ll want to expect here. And of all of those things, one very specific dish comes to the fore: that would be the burgers. The bar was voted one of the best burger purveyors in the city, and when there are hundreds of competitors, that’s really saying something.

So to understand the place is to understand the intent of the ridiculous, sometimes over-the-top dishes to enjoy here. The number one thing you’ve got to try? That would be the burgers, these behemoth works of beef and bun and any number of ingredients to your liking.

Now what’s the best burger going to be? That would be the house signature: the Country-Fried Bacon Burger! That’s right, these folks country-fry giant strips of bacon and drop them beneath a giant patty, which while cooked to order will usually come out well-done. Add in lettuce, tomato and onions, an onion ring for good measure, and you’ve got yourself a deal.

The tailgate has kind of the fun feel of an easygoing sports bar, which is mostly about the beer and the Houston sports, and I found that both the expansive patio and the cavernous interior tend to favor people who want to come in and hang out for a while. It’s lively to be sure, and there’s definitely going to be a bit of noise when you step in. This isn’t your quiet, average pub. It’s a boisterous place to have a good time.

The price points aren’t too bad and there’s a pretty quick pace for food to come, so that’s definitely nice. All in all, it’s just a straightforward, bigger-than-life kind of place and you’re gonna find something you like here while you’re watching a game. Cheap eats with attitude. Very homey. Very comfortable. Very Houston.


  • Get the burgers, and come hungry, because they’re huge.
  • This is definitely a beer-focused place, more so than cocktails or wine.
  • There’s a huge patio if the weather cooperates.


Christian's Tailgate Bar & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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