1044 N High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

One of the cool watering holes to spring up in the Short North the past few years, Bodega does beer, burgers, and big patios and people flock there for it. This is one of the hippest parts of a town that is flush with young people, so expect a lively crowd any time you pop in, both college kids and young professionals among them. Cheap burger nights, happy hours and good food make for plenty of reasons to come to this bar.

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The menu is good pub grub. Some things to try:

  • Burger: A double-patty monster topped with cheese, lettuce and shiny buns. This burger is an epic mess, and there’s no hope to make it healthy. It’s an indulgence.
  • Fries: Really straightforward, but each order of fries is probably best when shared … by like three or four people. Bodega doesn’t do small portions.
  • Grilled cheese: This is one of those bar specials you don’t want to miss. Monday nights, the grilled cheese goes for $1, and if you like a side of soup will add a few bucks. Not too bad for a bar special!
  • Tomato soup: Per above, best when enjoyed with the grilled cheese. Thick but not too cheesy. A few croutons on top, but not too oily. It’s a good combo for one of those cooler fall nights in Central Ohio.
  • Chips and Salsa: Toasted tortilla, sprinkled with seasoned salt, with a pico-like fruity light salsa. Good snack.

So the big thing to know about this place is those bar specials. There’s something on tap many nights, and more often than not you’ll have a chance to try good food and have drinks on the cheap at the same time too. That’s something that’s getting harder and harder to find in the Short North, because costs are rising and so many places opening up shop here tend to be higher-end.

Bodega is a pretty cool place these days. The word is out on the chill atmosphere and the long beer menu, but I have still found during evenings it doesn’t get too obscenely packed. Which is good, because again, this street is absolutely filled to the brim with cool bars. Pay it a visit.


  • There’s an extensive craft beer menu here, so if you’re in the mood for the drinks, you’ll have no trouble finding something good to drink.
  • Absolutely a must that you check the menu for the bar specials here, these are some of the cheapest eats in the Short North if you know when to go.
  • Great to visit on a warmer day.

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