Sandman’s Cheesesteak

111 W Nationwide Blvd
Columbus, OH 43215

Right in the middle of the busy Arena District in downtown Columbus, Sandman’s Cheesesteak is the very noticeable bright red stand across the street from Nationwide Arena that opened a few years ago. Where it originally started the menu was a relatively simple mix of cheese steaks and things that can be quick-made on the grill. Lately though it has expanded a bit into hog dogs, burgers and other kinds of fast food, which is really nice. There aren’t a ton of fast food places in a short walk of this part of town so Sandman’s stands in as an easy place to get some food.

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Of course the cheesesteaks are the first thing on the menu to try but the sandwiches go beyond that. Good things to try:

  • Chicken Cheesesteak: Roasted, diced chicken stuff this sub with diced onions and, yes, a little bit of barbecue sauce. You add cheese but it doesn’t drown the sandwich which is great.
  • BBQ Chicken Sandwich: Actually pretty similar to the chicken cheesesteak, plus a heavier sweet barbecue sauce and provolone cheese.
  • Steak Salad: A Pittsburgh delicacy, this heavy salad is packed with romaine lettuce and plenty of sautéed cheesesteak and french fries on top.
  • Sandman Dog: Grilled onions, roasted peppers and cheese whiz. If you ever wanted a cheesesteak in hot dog form, here it is! Salty, sweet, delightful.
  • The Original Greek Dog: Coney sauce, onion and mustard. Big on flavor! Probably the best thing I’ve had so far on the menu, because that meaty sauce and seared ‘dog it all the right things.
  • Burger: A massive patty smothered in cheese and thick with veggies on a grilled bun. A fast food favorite! Get it with bacon.
  • Original Philly: As big as your face! An enormous mountain of seared meet and onions with some cheese for good measure.

The stand is a pretty simple affair, you go up to the counter and order your food, and it’s packed to walk. On a nice day that patio area is pretty popular with the local crowd, but on rainy and snow days there’s some space inside too. The folks who work here are great guys, friendly and tend to get the food out pretty fast. It’s nice to see the stand get so many people passing through.

Arena District has a full array of food these days, with more than a few pubs and grills, and in that regard there’s a lot of competition here. But Sandman’s still retains a distinct niche: it’s the fastest place to grab a bite when you’re in a rush. In that regard, it’s a definite winner.


  • The stand is mostly open at lunch hours and closes its doors in the late afternoon.
  • Recent menu expansion has brought a few new things, like breakfast dishes and burgers, to the menu.
  • Also, go for the hot dogs as they’re a secret, but awesome thing to try.

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