Hiro’s Sushi Express

1518 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Miami Beach draws visitors from around the world, so it’s no surprise to the streets of this resort area filled with cuisine from all over, and at different levels of quality. If you’ve got a hankering for sushi but don’t want to blow your budget, this spot is one worth consideration. It serves up sushi and other Japanese street foods and in a pretty inexpensive manner, as well. As food goes, this stuff is cheap, approachable and, really, pretty fresh. A safe choice if you’re looking for some easy sushi.

The menu speaks for itself; a lot of familiar Japanese dishes on the menu, especially the kind of sushi you’d find at many a local dive. Some of the rolls I tried:

  • Salmon Roll: Easy and simple roll. The cut of salmon you’ll get in it is pretty average. But the price is good.
  • Tuna Roll: Visibly darker meat than salmon, of course, but probably a bit less fatty. These rolls are tiny.
  • Rainbow roll: Classic rainbow roll, topped with salmon and tuna, this has to be my favorite of the options. Just dip it in a bit of soy sauce.
  • Futomaki: The extra-large sushi roll has a ton of ingredients inside it, cooked crab and avocado, some egg and a few other things. True to form, very filling! And a good option if you don’t like a lot of raw seafood.
  • Fried salmon roll: Kind of unusual for a sushi roll in that the salmon inside the roll was cooked before being put into the sushi. Then it’s fried. This one is a little on the oily end, and doesn’y much resemble the classic stuff.
  • Takoyaki: Not a sushi roll, instead one of the Japanese street foods that you can snack on while your sushi is bring prepared. These fried balls have squid meat inside them and are topped with just a bit of a mayo-like sauce. Not too heavy, and best when shared.

The restaurant is pretty small inside, but it’s conveniently boxing its food to go. The prices are pretty reasonable for the experience, and I would say the food comes pretty quickly, as well. All told, this spot competes well against the other sushi spots on Miami Beach. I’d call it a bargain-focused destination, but a good one no less.


  • The party trays are a good option if you have four or more people. But it’s bigger than it looks, so be prepared for leftovers.
  • Don’t ignore the street food snacks on the appetizer menu! It’s often hard to find these at your average restaurant.
  • Food is convenient to take and go. Not all the sushi restaurants on the beach have this charm.

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