Carver’s Steak House & Chops

1535 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd.
Dayton, OH 45459
websiteCarver's (Librty Township, OH)3 stars

A much-loved steakhouse that serves the southern Dayton region, Carvers Steak House & Chops strives for a simple, elegant experience. With a low-lit interior and a focus on very professional service, this fine dining destination hits the classics — good steaks, good cocktails, seafood and classic American foods. While a lot of new restaurants come and go, and trends rise and fall, places like Carver’s endure with a consistent experience and an austere reputation. The prices here are on par with a fine dining experience, but for the south suburbs of the Gem City, this spot tends to be a favorite.

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The menu is focused on quality cuts of steaks and seafood. Here, simplicity is key, and the artistry lies in how to prepare high quality cuts of meat in such a way that they speak for themselves. Some of the things I love here:

  • New York Strip: This simpler cut of meat is still lean, juicy and cooked flawlessly to order. Everyone has their preference, medium rare is highly recommended, but the steak features just a little bit of seasoned salt on top.
  • Ribeye Steak: A cut above the Strip option, this steak is a bit more marbled, but that gristle incorporates nicely into the cut of meat itself. Another one where only a little bit of salt and pepper goes a long way on this cut of meat.
  • Calimari: This appetizer comes fried and — for some interesting twist — fried onions and peppers, along with a spicy sauce. A good appetizer to kick off a meal, the calamari itself is thin-cut and soft.
  • Grilled Portobello: A sautéed portobello mushroom topped with soft tomatoes and scallions and a side of green beans. This one is on the vegetarian menu, which you have to ask for specifically but which is very accommodating. Could use more seasoning, but still good.

Carver’s specializes in a higher-quality fine dining experience. The clientele is a bit older, the dining room has a more muted, classic feel, with heavy wooden tables, a low-lit inside that feels very intimate. It’s a more classic feel for a steakhouse, one that caters to Midwestern sensibilities. But for this area of Ohio, it’s got a definite appeal. Business meetings, friends gathering for a nice night out, prom and dates alike, Carver’s remains popular.

A concept that keeps the comfortable Midwestern sensibility, Carver’s goes for that fine dining comfort feel. Price points are in tune with a quality dining experience, and I highly recommend you visit on a dress-up occasion, and you’ll enjoy yourself here.


  • There is a vegetarian menu that does not come by default, it must be asked for. But there are plenty of things to be tried for the vegetarian eater.
  • A good craft beer and cocktail menu is paired well with some of the best cuts.
  • This is a fine-dining experience, definitely worth dressing up.

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