Spinelli’s Deli

767 Neil Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43215

3 stars

Just north of Arena District, Spinelli’s Deli is a little breakfast and lunch spot that serves Columbus’ nicer blocks in Short North with a variety of subs, sandwiches, pizzas and smoothies, and a delivery service that takes it throughout Victorian Village and beyond. In terms of the food though, this spot really holds its own for those great sandwich creations. This spot isn’t easy to see, in the suburban part of Columbus and a little bit away from the main sights and where there are more popular places. But this one is not to be overlooked.

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There are a few categories of food here at this restaurant, among them sandwiches, pizzas, breakfast foods, and even pastas that are made quickly and to go.

  • My favorite sandwich, Sinelli’s Spicy Beef is a little bit hot, with roast beef and spicy bacon forming the core of the sandwich. Then it’s topped with grilled onions and mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and the other fixings.
  • Other great sandwiches on the menu include some breakfast things like the tostini, a cheese-covered bagel with egg, American cheese, and roasted peppers. Good stuff.
  • Smoked salmon bagel is tops, because the New York-style lox is one of the best things you’ll ever taste. Smokey salmon, onion and cream cheese, capers need not appear.
  • Breakfast Burrito Wrap: Good for an early morning. Tons of eggs and grilled veggies. Sometimes some bacon or meat adds a lot to it.

The restaurant has a fast-casual aspect to it; the dining room isn’t that huge but it does have space to eat in. At the same time, the delivery option is what makes it the most popular. In all, though, it’s a great experience, and while there are a ton of sandwich shops, a ton of fast-casual eating options and a ton of quick Italian dishes on the menu, I would say this restaurant is worth at least one investigation.


  • The sandwiches are great, there are a few Italian versions and a few breakfast types that are especially good.
  • Most important thing about this spot is that it delivers, which is great because it’s a little bit hard to spot despite its location near downtown Columbus. Still, worth a visit if you didn’t want delivery.
  • The flatbread pizzas might also be with an investigation.

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