Ron’s Pizza & Ribs

1 South Main St.
Miamisburg, OH 45342
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Ron’s Pizza is a chain that you would recognize around Dayton with several locations having come and gone. It’s got a few names, Ron’s Pizza House, Ron’s Pizza Tavern, Ron’s Pizza and Ribs, and so forth. The original Ron’s Pizza, which is located in Miamisburg, has been operating since 1964, as a much-loved bar and pizza parlor that celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2014. The pizza is as close to what I’d call “Dayton Style” as you can get pizza. Really, it’s a great tradition and a place that’s worth a visit.

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A pizza in this spot is a great experience. It’s actually referred to as “Columbus-style pizza” for its roots in central Ohio. This kind of pizza is served on a very thin, very crispy crust and cut into squares; it’s generally found all over Ohio nowadays and I occasionally see people calling it ‘Dayton-style Pizza.” The crust is blackened on the edge and it’s crispy as a cracker. It’s not too sweet or salty, and a perfect base to be topped with a sweet tomato sauce, just a little bit of it, then the toppings. There are dozens of toppings that you can put on the pizza. No matter the size, it’s a fantastic experience.

Other items on the menu are sort of pub grub combinations, with burger and sandwiches and some other things. I was especially a fan of the wings, they’re a smaller version of the bone-in chicken wing, fried with a very crispy outside and drizzled with one of several basic sauces. I tried barbecue, always a favorite, and it’s exceptional. Just a little bit of heat but a lot of sweetness. In all it’s a good experience.

The bar is a pretty big spot, and it’s got a few sides to it, with one being a pretty general restaurant area, and another with a large indoor bar to entertain. The’res also a big patio out back which is packed with people during the warm months. It’s pretty full on the weekends, especially attracting locals and a crowd of 30s and 40s folks. A great atmosphere, and really the food is very charming.

Dayton institutions are great. There are a lot of new restaurants opening up in town, and a lot of flashy, high-profile places in town. But the quiet spots, the ones the locals love to frequent for their good food and friendly experience, are the spots that really rock.


  • The pizza is great, Columbus-style, and it’s crispy and delicious, whehter you get an individual one-topping or you go for the works.
  • The patio in the back is fantastic.
  • Go for the wings if you don’t like pizza.

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One thought on “Ron’s Pizza & Ribs

  1. Best pizza in the USA. ONLY… Problem is I live 5 hrs away in another state. But it’s a great treat to look forward to when I visit family. We do our best to take home two family size pizza’s when we travel back home. Yum.. Doesn’t justify how good it really is. The toppings are over the top in abundance. Taste is nothing I ever tasted, crust is perfect. Good in every bite! Please open shop near Knox, IN. Lol. Seriously!!!!

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