Troll Pub Under the Bridge

150 West Washington St.
Louisville, KY 40202
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If you were walking around downtown Louisville, you would easily miss the bar hiding under the Clark Memorial Bridge that leads to the north. Except for the trolls. Literally, peeking out from the underground bar, the goofy little mascots are a funny way to introduce you to the Troll Pub Under the Bridge. A dank little watering hole where locals love to go for pub food and a drink. The food here is good, and the atmosphere is perfect for the theme. It’s a funny place to see, and in fact, I think it’s overall a good experience.

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The bar has a menu of your basic pub fare, with a ton of fried appetizers, pizzas, some steaks and pastas, fish and chips and more. The theme stays pretty close to your prototypical favorites, of course there are the burgers and sandwiches. I gave a try to the chicken salad sandwich, which is a pretty simple item, but the chicken salad is fresh, the chicken is real and large-cut pieces. The end result is a delicious sandwich with a bit of bacon that adds an element of saltiness to it. I love it, like many of the other bar food items, it has a simple charm.

I have to mention a beer that is crafted specifically for this bar, termed the “Card Red.” It’s a light amber beer with a very simple flavor, a clean finish and not too heavy at all. It was perfect to try with the sandwich and I was a fan. If you happen to prefer one of the other brews, I might suggest one of the several dozen other beers, wines or bourbons on the menu. No matter your spirit, you’ll find a lot of different drinks to try.

The atmosphere deserves mentioning. The restaurant reminds me a lot of an English pub concept, the dark interior has many recesses and small rooms where groups of folks go to congregate. Mostly it’s good for small groups, though there is a central bar too. In all the spot seems to be popular both with the downtown lunch crowd and with the groups of friends looking for a quieter spot to enjoy a drink. I found it to be a good experience for a building with an interesting bit of history and overall the kind of place you would want to try at least once.


  • The lunch options make this a great place for lunch. Prices there are a bit lower too.
  • The parking is all street, and can at times be hard to find. Just make sure you don’t miss the bar, it can be hard to spot! Look for the troll.
  • I recommend the sandwiches.

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