Douglas Corner Cafe

2106 8th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37204
websiteIMG_10042 stars

Nashville’s innumerable dive bars are a scene in of themselves, and Douglas Corner Café, which is on the city’s southern side along 8th Avenue, is just one of them. This bar is mostly a spot to enjoy some good music, but you can also find a small menu of drinks and food on the menu. I’m a fan of the scene, and I like the music here, but you should definitely plan to eat before you arrive.


If you’re looking to come to this spot, odds are you are going for the music, not for the food. The place is open largely depending on when it has acts, so the exact hours are hard to pinpoint. It’s primarily catered to that scene, and the low-lit interior could use some updates. I’m not “Another Nightlife Critic” though, so as much as I would say this is a scene for music, the bar has also ventured into the food arena, and the whole purpose of this site is to critique that. Food isn’t a strong point here.

There’s a small menu, mostly bar food, which can be served during concerts in the irregular hours that Douglas Corner Café is open. I tried the pizza, which for $4.00 is a waste. It’s a single serving pie that is frozen and probably tossed in a microwave oven for good measure, which was unfortunately burned.

Food is not the point of Douglas Corner Café. It’s clear that it’s more of a sidebar to the main attractions. For that reason, I wouldn’t give the place one star. The scene is nice, and it’s the kind of dive people love to lose themselves in when living in Nashville, the Music City. But food here isn’t something you’ll want to count on, and I don’t recommend giving it a shot.
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