Bacon & Caviar BBQ

900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37208
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Downtown Nashville’s farmers market is a scene that draws a ton of tourists and locals alike to cash in on produce and other trinkets and goods made in the Music City. A centerpiece to the year-round market, its food court consists entirely of small-time restaurant stalls and operations. One among them, B & C Market BBQ (short for Bacon & Caviar, with several locations around the city) is the chief soul food option for the market, offering smoked pork, chicken, and beef dishes of many kinds. It’s inexpensive barbecue too, relative to the other options for this food available in town. Whatever the cause to be nearby, this is a good place to eat.


The meats are relatively limited, there’s pulled pork, beef brisket, and barbecued chicken. But there’s also a smoked burger, which is only available on Mondays. Fortunately, that was the day I dropped by, and the burger was fantastic. It’s roughly a third-pound patty finely ground and then smoked until it’s got a nice ring around the bark of the meat. Bite into the thing and the flavor will hit you all at once. I recommend ordering it early in the day, though, as the patties can dry out later. There are several different barbecue sauce options, ranging from a sweet kind to a honey mustard-like concoction and a spicy sauce. The basic form, though, is a tangy, sticky option heavy on the vinegar that brings out the savory in the meat. Spectacular. Wish the bun was toasted, though.

The sides are great too, with the standard favorites for barbecue ever popular. Mac and cheese is served with just a few herbs thrown in to make it savory. The green beans are definitely fresh, they taste the part, and cooked until fall-apart soft with just a few potatoes. For such a simple recipe they make me want to reach for seconds. Get some sweet tea while you’re here though; that food all falls on the savory-spicy end of the spectrum.

Seating is provided by the central food court area in the market’s main building, so your dealings with the staff of the barbecue joint will be limited. Still, this little spot is worth experiencing. Good smoky barbecue is the language of the land here in Nashville, and finding a place that does it right is a real win. B & C is one of those.


  • The aforementioned smoked burger is only available on Mondays, but a smoked burger is a special thing and this one is definitely worth trying.
  • Barbecue sauces and sides are all very savory, so I suggest sweet tea or a desert to offset those flavors.
  • This spot is located in the food court of the Nashville Farmer’s Market, so parking and hours are the same.

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