La Comedia Dinner Theatre

765 West Central Avenue/Franklin Road
Springboro, OH 45066

Ritzy, fancy and very upscale, La Comedia Dinner Theatre has been one of Dayton’s prime restaurant businesses since 1975, offering a fine dinner packaged with off-Broadway shows for very special occasions. From “Titanic” to “A Christmas Carol,” the playbill includes about six plays a year and offers a truly unique experience for Dayton residents. It’s well-known in the area and frequented by couples for their anniversaries as well as birthdays and holidays. Sport coat and tie optional, but definitely plan to dress up. Tickets start at $53, so you’ll want to make reservations in advance as much as possible.

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The menu changes over time but day-to-day meals are essentially the same; the theatre offers a buffet of several tasty options before the show, allowing you to load your plate with vegetables, house-made bread and an interesting variety of meats. When I was there during the Christmas season, they offered a Thanksgiving-type winter feast with turkey, carved ham, and fried Norwegian cod. At times they also offer beef tenderloin, roast beef, and sausage. It really depends on the performance and time of the year.

The signature dishes at La Comedia, however, are a very delicious pair of soufflé. The sweet potato soufflé is everyone’s favorite, served fluffy and warm with a brown sugar and nut crust on top (here’s the recipe)  and the pineapple soufflé is a sweeter side which would serve well as desert. People love them. I agree they’re good. The dessert items, sometimes cheesecake, sometimes things like peach cobbler or ice cream, are all right, though I would suggest they’re a little small and uninspired. The main courses are definitely La Comedia’s strengths.

La Comedia of course offers shows as its main attraction, and these are outstanding. While I’m not a theatre critic, I will say at least that the theatre portion of the stiff ticket  price is well-earned. The food is definitely delicious and the buffet organization was a good idea, as it allows for the most flexibility in pleasing customers with diverse tastes. It all works out well.

La Comedia maintains a well-renowned reputation as one of the best places to visit in south Dayton. It’s got all the makings of a quality restaurant and a full night of entertainment. If you’re looking for something to do on a special night out, I would certainly say this theatre will be a big hit for you and your guests.


  • The menu changes regularly, but it’s published online. Some items like the sweet potato soufflé can be expected at any show, but otherwise I’d suggest calling ahead to check on the menu.
  • La Comedia is very formal type place. Call as much in advance as possible to get tickets and definitely plan to dress up.
  • There is plenty of good, filling food to try, but if you’re really in the mood for a good dessert, I’d suggest waiting until after the show.

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