Kabuki Korean & Japanese Restaurant

848 South Main Street
Centerville, OH 45458

Opened in 2009 by Mae Brown and Yi Ho Suk, Kabuki is a small but upscale Chinese restaurant and sushi bar which has brought a very distinct Korean flare to Dayton’s south suburbs. Chinese food is abundant in this town, most of it generic and forgettable. Kabuki is an outstanding business, both for its diverse selection of dishes and for the genuine care and excitement of the staff that create its dishes. The people here are proud to bring you the best food they can make. I’m therefore proud to give this place my highest regards.

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Kabuki has an exquisite menu of sushi, ranging from some fairly basic varieties commonly found in local grocery stores to some of the tastiest rolls I’ve ever tried. Forgo the simple California roll completely; it would be a waste of an opportunity to try some really delicious sushi. From the sweet and textural crunch munch roll, to the spicy and flavorful TNT roll, the different varieties are certainly a home run. I have always preferred the simpler sushi. No more. These rolls are filled to the brim with crab, tuna, salmon, shrimp and caviar. Some are fried after that. If there was ever a great sushi place I would recommend, this would be it.

The regular menu is also great. The dishes are a mix of your typical Chinese and Korean restaurant foods and some unusual foods, but extra fancy. Even the stereotypical Chinese restaurant cuisine has an upgrade here. The orange chicken is cooked masterfully, lightly battered and stir fried with fresh vegetables to be absolutely delicious. The appetizers are great, from a warm and light miso soup to the very tasty monkey balls, fried and stuffed mushrooms in a spicy sauce, you name the dish and you’ll find a superior recipe here.

Kabuki’s service is among the very best. The owners are very pleasant and always on hand to converse with customers and refill water. I came in once during lunch rush, once during dinner rush and at a random time of the day, and food came quickly each time. The people are very friendly and pleasant and the environment is just perfect for a date night out or a nicer dinner with the family. As a semi-fine dining establishment, this place excels at making great food and a pleasant experience for the diner, whether you’re really into Asian cuisine or are just looking for something new to sample. Kabuki is well worth the price.


  • Kabuki has some of the best sushi in town. If you’re an aficionado or a newbie looking to try some new rolls, it’s absolutely a great option.
  • The food comes quickly and the service is pleasant. The atmosphere is a little upscale and I’d recommend a little bit of dressing up, and bringing a date to try the wine selection.
  • There are plenty of refined Chinese dishes on the menu if sushi isn’t your thing.

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One Response to “Kabuki Korean & Japanese Restaurant”
  1. Rantoul says:

    “Kabuki is a small but upscale Chinese restaurant ” Why would you say this when the restaurant sign in the picture clearly says “Korean – Japanese Restaurant?”

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