Shish Kebab Mediterranean Grill

1450 Bethel Road
Columbus, OH 43220

An upscale, sleek fine dining option in a relatively modest chain of local stores, Shish Kebab graces Bethel Centre in northwest Columbus with all of the allure of a clean, upscale concept with a very ethnic menu. The subdued interior and sheltered patio create a very intimate setting where kebabs and kofte are expertly prepared and served with garnish and class. This is the kind of place you’ll want to reserve for a fancy date or romantic special occasion. There’s just something very sexy about the whole atmosphere of the place.


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The food here is entirely Turkish, with healthy amounts of lamb and chicken dishes accentuated by varying kinds of peppers, hummus and olive oil, and seasoned with very strong spices. If you’re not very familiar with Turkish cuisine, this place will be a very new experience. There are a lot of different things to try, much of the menu is house-made and very delicious. The meats are cooked well and served very juicy. The vegetables are fresh and crisp, and everything has a definite air of artistry to it. The food here is quality and they seem to treat it with a high degree of respect. This makes your dining experience all the better.

Some of the items are weaker than others, I found the rice a little bland and the vegetables a little soggy. While the meat is served well I’ve often found the side dishes served with them have a very sharp flavor to keep everything equal. I did not find that here. Some of the items aren’t cooked or seasoned to the level they should be. At the same time, though, a lot of the particularly ethnic items are done extremely well. House-made hummus and stuffed grape leaves, grape leaves and a sun-dried tomato oil blend are among the expertly-crafted ethnic items. If you’ve never sampled these things, this is certainly a good place for a first experience.

The service is great. With a formal atmosphere, the servers and cooks are exceedingly perfectionist and have an acute sense of detail, working to keep the meal perfect with as few hiccups as possible. Dishes here generally come at $15 to $25 a plate, and I would say some of them live up to this price. With the problems I’ve noted above, some of them just aren’t to the level they should be. I would say this is the kind of place you should research a little before visiting. The food is good if you know what you’re looking for, but I don’t think it’s the kind of place to visit spontaneously.


  • Intimate and upscale, this is the kind of place to take a date or a small group of close friends and family. You’ll probably want to dress the part of fine dining, too.
  • Dishes here are in the $15 to $25 range; but appetizers in particular are good for a small group to sample.
  • Definitely go for the meat dishes and lamb, certainly strengths of Shish Kebab.

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