Mark Pi’s

1610 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201

As a growing chain of restaurants based in Columbus, Mark Pi’s has since branched out to Indiana and even California with around a dozen concepts and a growing number of locations. The place specializes in quick Chinese food in a casual and modern environment, with locations planted around populations of time-strapped people, such as this one at Ohio State University. The menu is relatively typical of a Chinese place and it’s packaged to-go, which definitely makes it the type of place that will attract a large crowd of people who want convenience regardless of what it tastes like.

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Mark Pi’s has a good selection of food. It has an ample selection of chicken dishes in various sauces served alongside Asian rice and stir fried vegetables.

  • Empress Chicken: Sweet but hot, with a noticable crunch. Order in-store and it comes out immediately, that’s always been the allure.
  • Mark Pi’s Chicken: Crispy chicken in a sweet sauce, which is very well done. It’s pleasant to see the food go so fast yet taste so fresh; many of the other Columbus Chinese offerings seem to sacrifice quality for speed, and in the process make for a less appetizing end product. I like what I taste here.

Another great allure here is the ample menu for vegetarian and vegan customers. Chinese food is classically well-suited with a wide menu of vegetables and soy-based dishes, but this place is a special exception. Literally every item on the menu can have its meat option substituted for tofu, something I’ve never seen before but that shows ample regard for the customer. Vegetarians often have to rely on a separate, smaller menu to stay in bounds at restaurants so it’s refreshing to see the extra attention.

The service here is good. As a walk up counter, the contact with the people is minimal, but I do like the way they treat customers. The cooks are quick to make the food and very polite. They have all the friendliness of a local place in spite of being a rapidly growing chain. A place like this definitely makes a good home at a college like Ohio State. The environment is a very modern, sleek look but it still has the feel of a local restaurant. Hard to tell on the outside it’s actually a chain, which in my mind is a good thing.

All told, Mark Pi’s is a great place to eat. It’s a growing place with firm roots in Columbus, and it’s easy to find plenty of menu items to like. If you want fast Chinese – and especially if you’re out to try something meat free – give Mark Pi’s a try.


  • This is definitely a great place to grab food to go, and it seems particularly adept at handling large crowds and getting people their food quickly.
  • It’s also a great place for vegetarians and vegans, with its very accommodating menu.
  • If you ever have time, consider dining in. The environment of the restaurant is very fresh and very enjoyable.

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