Geno’s Pizza & Pasta (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of 2013, Geno’s Pizza is closed.
1277 Morse Road
Columbus, OH 43229

Among numerous chains and other food offerings, Geno’s Pizza & Pasta is an Italian option along the Morse Road shopping center serving up pizza and other things. It’s a local option that seems popular with the locals; pictures of a variety of celebrities and elementary school classes alike fill the walls, and this seems like the type of place with plenty of history to it. I’m not convinced, though, that the quality of the food matches the apparent charm of everything else about the place.

The pizza is the most popular item on the menu, and it’s great. But it’s not the only thing here to enjoy. There are also a custom dish they call “pizza nuggets.” These little pizza roll-type finger foods are great, and most importantly they are served with a very nice sour cream and onion sauce that completes the whole flavor. There are a number of varieties, but I recommend the Greek-style, filled with succulent lamb they are a very tasty thing to try.

The pizza is very authentic. The thin crust is hand-tossed, a trait too rare in pizza places. Some of the toppings are better that others, though. I am a fan of the chopped vegetables, for instance, because they are very fresh. However, the meats aren’t so good. They look like they came straight from a bag. If there’s one thing that would improve the pizza, it’s fresh, hand cut meats. I wish this were the case as it would significantly improve the taste of the pizza, and make the place stand out so much more, especially considering all of the competition this place has.

The service is so-so. Ordering a pizza by phone is made unnecessarily frustrating by the persistent over-exaggeration of delivery times. I originally planned to order a pizza, but after being told it would be an hour to get pizza a few blocks from the restaurant. I went in and got the same order within 10 minutes. I don’t know what the big disparity is, but it’s not a great thing to hear and does not speak well to the business.

The people there are nice, it’s definitely a male atmosphere they seem to be encouraging, with sports on television and workers who have a lot to say about Ohio State football but not much else. All in all, the pizza is good and the environment is decent, but the place needs a little more refinement to up the quality. While I wish some of the things were done better. Either way, this is still a great place to get a pizza…as long as you plan to come pick it up.


  • Definitely try to pick up or eat in as opposed to getting the pizza delivered. There is clearly some kind of disparity in the wait times.
  • Try the pizza nuggets. They’re a tasty snack food or appetizer.
  • Vegetable pizzas are great, but the meat options are somewhat less inspired.

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