Lily’s Asian Cuisine (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of 2013, Lily’s Asian Cuisine is closed.
787 Bethel Road
Columbus, OH 43214

Facebook pageUnder new management, Lily’s Asian Cuisine is one of many options along Bethel Road serving hungry locals with Chinese and Japanese cuisine; with a sushi bar and a simple menu of stir fry Chinese dishes, the place has sought to improve a previously mediocre reputation with a new cook and a new menu. The place has a lot of typical Chinese fare to offer and with many specials (including frequent customer cards and coupons) the place is trying to build a local customer base. It’s got good things and bad things and overall I’d call it a decent place to eat.

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The appetizers on the menu are tasty, and I recommend sampling the variety of them. Egg rolls are cooked well and very crunchy while the soup options are great too. I’m a big fan of egg drop soup and the option here is done especially good. There is a healthy menu of sushi items, and I liked what I tried a lot. Even the very tame Philadelphia roll has a smoked salmon and cream cheese combination which was delicious and filling. The sushi is above average, and I would suggest trying the menu just for that.

I wish I could say the same about the main courses. While the lunch menu does offer a number of deals, I’m not inspired. The chicken options don’t taste that great. They aren’t fried so well and the various sauces all sort of taste the same. While the rice is cooked well and very tasty, the rest of the dish kind of ruins it. I would almost suggest ignoring the rest of the meat menu to try the appetizers and rice, but the advertised main courses here are supposed to be the chicken and beef items, and those aren’t what they should be.

The environment of the place could use a makeover; it kind of seems like an old antique store where the shelves were taken out and tables were thrown in. One of the walls is still equipped to hold shelves. It’s kind of unpleasant and detracts from the overall vibe.

The service, though is good. People are very polite and accommodating, they’re quick to help out and make for an overall pleasant experience, keeping the glasses of water topped off and the food tasting its best. I think they add positively to the overall ambiance, though I definitely think the restaurant has room for improvement. Lily’s Asian Cuisine has some good food and good service, but a lot of areas of it just leave me a little confused. I don’t quire know if they have been able to improve the place as much as they need to, and I hope some changes are on the way.


  • Try the sushi and the appetizers, they are good.
  • If you want some good meat dishes, I might not suggest the chicken here, it’s less inspired than I would like.
  • Service is good and the people are polite, but the atmosphere isn’t the best.

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