Sundry and Vice

18 W. 13th St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
websiteSundry and Vice (Cincinnati, OH)A mainstay in Over-the-Rhine’s reimagined core, this bar is legendary for its wonderful, constantly rotating selection of cocktails. Mezcal. Rum. Absinthe. It doesn’t really matter what the Spirit is, you’re gonna find a unique treatment for it at this bar. Of course the bar reflects the changing times in a part of town that has seen enormous growth and change over the past few years. High-end cocktails or a masterpiece if you know how to do them well, and these concoctions really are a unique and very different experience with a few other equals in this part of the country.

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The cocktail menu has a few basics that are available year-round, but for the most part everything rotates pretty frequently so you aren’t liable to find the same cocktails every time you come back. You kind of have to catch them as you have a chance. Some of those I’ve tried over the years:

  • Foxglove: This cocktail might be one of the most popular, built around the wonderfully rare absinthe with fresh spritzers that only really splash a bit of freshness on the thing and mellow it a little. Seasonal, but bright and memorable.
  • Sunset at Normandie: Tequilla, lime, and cucumber are the base of this cocktail, with a slice of chili-topped jicima. It’s like a margarita with a spirited bit of flavor.
  • Old Fashioned: One of those Evergreen cocktails and a mainstay for a good bar, the whiskey does the talking and there’s only a little bit of sweetness to really accentuate.
  • Love & Justice: Another lighter cocktail with a gin base, and only some relatively light flavors around it, but a big one would be that sprig of rosemary.
  • Space Coyote: Mezcal is the name of the game on this cocktail, which otherwise has blood orange, lime and vanilla. Strong on the smoke, which is the whole point!

It’s got something the feel of a speakeasy, which makes sense considering the bar is on a very random corner and not the first place you would go to find an upscale cocktail joint. Seating is relatively limited, though over the course of the early evening it’s pretty easy to grab a table or a booth if you need to, and the bartenders are great company. They are friendly and appreciate respect for patrons, though occasionally you’re prone to meet a character.

The prices are above average for sure, but then the cocktails are pretty strong, too, so that sort of makes sense. Sundry and Vice is a unique bar, and it’s definitely one the Cincinnati nightlife has no equivalent to. It’s a good way to start a night.


  • The cocktail menu is always shifting but there’s always something unique here.
  • Good to take a cocktail lover, but there’s still beer on the menu too.
  • Parking isn’t easy around here, Uber (or other option) recommended.

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