Melt Bakery

132 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002

While a husband-and-wife team founded Melt Bakery in a storefront on Orchard Street in Manhattan, you probably recognize the name of this place by its ice cream sandwiches which are sold in little carts located around New York City, as the little shop has grown “one sandwich at a time.” This spot has a ton of charm — it’s hard not to like a shop that has been perfecting ice cream sandwiches since 2010. You also have to credit them for the smart real estate t00 — just when you’re feeling a bit hot or tired, suddenly you come upon one of these trucks in the nick of time.

The mainstay of the menu is the ice cream sandwiches, huge super-thick scoops of ice cream smooshed between two mammoth crunchy cookies. They come in a few varieties to your liking, such as “Cinnamax” with cinnamon ice cream between snickerdoodles, and “Lumberjack” with maple ice cream between oatmeal bacon cookies, and “Mahina” with passion fruit ice cream between two double chocolate chunks.

How do they stack up? Well the cookies are perfect for their combination of textures. The ice cream is thick, almost custard-like and very slow to melt. The cookies are very crunchy; not dry but pleasantly crisp. The result is the perfect walking food, it doesn’t fall apart too quickly or melt when you walk with it. It’s delightful without being too sweet or too much of a hassle. Fantastic.

All in all, a neat little concept that is likely familiar to New Yorkers whether they take the High Line and want a treat or walks the streets in Manhattan. Worth stopping, I think!

Flavors to try: Anything with chocolate is good to go, basically.

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