Mean Bean (CLOSED)

Editor’s note: As of 2016, Mean Bean is closed.
1693 Holt Rd.
Columbus, OH 43228

This little coffee shop operation in the suburban Western Columbus neighborhood is a tiny independent operation peddling frozen drinks, coffees, and some baked goods at inexpensive prices. The real beauty of small independent coffee shops like this one is the atmosphere that they create; as such, Mean Bean  is built for convenience.  Not only does it sport a drive-through for a quick cup of coffee, but the spot has a nice interior with spacious tables where you can sit and enjoy a book or the company of friends while drinking a cup. I found the place to be pretty simple but it does deliver that independent feel.

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The menu of drinks is pretty straightforward, it’s a collection of coffees, smoothies,  caffeinated drinks, and more. Give a try to the latte, it can be served with a couple different flavors just like any other drink at the shop it can be customized to your liking. I think the basic latte is nice, it’s got a nice froth and the coffee has a pretty simple charm to it.

I was also a fan of the muffins, because they are extremely moist, very hearty and very sweet. There are a few different options for a good muffin, but it’s the number one baked good I would suggest. I would stay away from the Danish, they look like they came out of the package, particularly at three dollars.

I found the service to be pretty good, it’s a small shop and there’s usually only one or two workers on duty at a time. But small operations like this one rely on being a convenient place where you can go to relax a little bit and enjoy a cup of coffee. The people seem to be friendly, they seem to know customers and be talkative, and that’s the sort of thing that you can only really get at a local shop.

The charm of local coffee shops will always be that they’re  creating a certain mood for you to enjoy. They’re not trying to compete with a Starbucks in terms of price, and they’re not trying to blow your mind with some out of this world type of coffee. They’re really there to produce a general overall mood, which I feel like this one accomplishes. I’d recommend coming with the intention of staying a while.


  • There is a drive-through for convenience at the shop I recommend if you’re on the go.
  • The muffins are great, but the Danish look packaged.
  • There is a by seven get one free offer for coffee.

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