Miller’s Bakery

4280 TR 356
Millersburg, Ohio 44654

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3 stars

Amish Country, the remote regions of northwest Ohio, are an exercise in simplicity. The restaurants that locate this far out of the beaten path tend to be very, very locally focused. Far from the tourist traps and the over-hyped things that bring people in droves, Miller’s Bakery is instead a very humble, quiet little bakery frequented by the locals as a place that makes great baked goodies, pies, bread and sells local canned goods. The driveway is gravel, the spot is far out-of-the-way and it’s not too elaborate an operation … but it is a local treat.

The bakery makes baked goods of all kinds. And this remote area of Ohio, such as this tend to specialize a lot more  in baking a variety of things. Not only do they make doughnuts and other pastries, but you can find cakes, breads, and other big goodies here, as well as a locally canned foods and candies.  I really liked the cream fingers, which were pastries that were filled with cream and topped with a nice vanilla icing. The sweet go is thick, not too sugary, and really lets the icing and cream filling stand for itself. The same can be said of the cinnamon rolls,  these pastries are large and heavy on the dough, but that little bit of cinnamon sweetness does make a difference. They have a staying power of a couple of days of shelf life, which is more than you can say for the average store-bought doughnut, and these are the types of pastries that you want to keep around.

The service at Miller’s bakery is very nice, it’s run by a number of people who are extremely friendly. You should know the local rules, primarily that the spot is not open on Sundays, and it is not set up to take credit cards. A hyper local operation like this one survives by being pretty self-sufficient, so bring cash and expect a very friendly experience, though you should know the local customs for best experience. If you’re trekking through Amish country, you expect a certain level of remoteness to things. This part of Ohio is its own little world, and if you know the local spots that are worth going to then you can really have a good time. Spots like Miller’s bakery will never really made a lot of headlines, but if you want a genuine experience in Holmes County, here it is.


  • Interestingly, this bakery has a side business where it has several log cabins in the back where you can camp out. Take a vantage of this if you’re looking to stick around the countryside.
  • The spot is not open on Sundays, as most places in Amish country are not.
  • Pay attention that the spot is Cash only, no credit cards accepted.

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