Win Wok

4922 Hunt Rd.
Blue Ash, OH 45242
2 stars

A community Chinese food place serving the Blue Ash area of northeastern Cincinnati, Win Wok is a pretty simple place with a pretty simple menu of items intended primarily for takeout. There’s also a lunch buffet on weekdays for cheap.  It’s a community Chinese place that is probably patronized by locals exclusively, but if you’re just dropping by I would say this isn’t going to be the kind of place you’ll want to try. There’s plenty of competition around here, and I’d say in both dine-in and take-out options, Win Wok is thoroughly out-competed.

The fried rice epitomizes the problem. It’s greasy and soggy and generally needs something more to make it good. More vegetables? More seasoning? I don’t know what it is but the end result isn’t a pleasant dish. I tried even the popular Chinese menu item, the General Tso’s Chicken, because who doesn’t like that? It’s salty. The texture is nice, but anyone can fry a dish and make it good. Such was the case on everything else I tried. It might be crisp, but it’s lacking some flavor, and I think the problem is the ingredients are to blame. Win Wok epitomizes the struggle of “cheap versus quality;” It’s nice to have such a cheap lunch option that offers so much food, but once you have a bite, you’ll be willing to pay more for higher quality ingredients.

The service was fine. I’ve heard bad things about the service, it was a little slow getting me my bill but other than that the people were fine. Altogether, though, I think I’ve found enough other reasons to say this is a place to avoid.
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