The Candy Bar

198 Delaware Ave.
Put In Bay, OH 43456
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Alongside the many bars and souvenir shops of Put In Bay on Lake Erie’s South Bass Island, The Candy Bar serves locals and tourists alike with just about anything dipped in chocolate. The old-time charm of the small shop is accentuated with the friendly exterior of an old house, and the interior of a candy store from yesteryear. Here, you can find old candies, jawbreakers as big as a baseball, and a variety of table games that will win you gum balls. Apart from the higher-strung businesses nearby, this one has kind of a subdued charm.

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The Candy Bar has a simple and delicious business philosophy: they dip everything in chocolate. Sure there are chocolate-covered pretzels and chocolate nuts, but how about chocolate-dipped grapes? With eccentric chocolates of many kinds, The Candy Bar is a chocolate lover’s paradise. There is a bacon wrapped caramel dipped in dark chocolate and covered in sea salt. There is a chocolate-dipped twinkie. You name it, they have it in chocolate. You’ll definitely walk in and find some old candies to take home, but the chocolates this place sells are the real souvenirs the family will remember.

The best stuff in the store, for sure, though, is the fudge. Made in-house, the beautiful marbled goodness of the fudge comes in plenty of flavors, from your standard chocolate and vanilla iterations to the more creative kinds like cheesecake and chocolate peanut butter. The fudges vary in composition and taste, but I’m surprised at the different textures. Chocolate is as heavy and hearty as you would find anywhere else, but cheesecake packs the same flavor in a lighter touch evocative of its namesake. It’s impressive to taste such a confection, and it’s the kind of thing worth taking home to share.

With a simple charm and a straightforward product, The Candy Bar has a clear niche in the local marketplace, and I’ve seen many a passing vacations attracted by its charm. With so much to sample, it really is a souvenir shop in its own right. The business brings out the pleasant small-town charm of its small island without clashing with the nearby ritz and glam. Whether you’re a parent looking for something to take home to your kids, or you’re a chocoholic looking for a fix you can’t find anywhere else, you’ll be sorry if you didn’t stop by.


  • The majority of the items sold here are boxed candy and novelty sweets, there are plenty of things around if you don’t like chocolate. Not many of them are made in-house though.
  • If you do like chocolates, or know someone who does, this really is the ideal place on the island to visit to get your fix. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone else who does all these candies on the mainland.
  • They don’t allow for sampling here, and the fudge is sold only in 1/4th pound cuts, so I would suggest planning to bring it back to your hotel relatively quickly.

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