PIBeanery (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of 2018 PIBeanery is closed.
436 Catawba Ave.
Put In Bay, OH 43456
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While nightspots abound in Put In Bay, a good cup of coffee can be hard to find, indeed. Enter PIBeanery, a coffee shop opened just last year which serves not only your basic cup of joe, but an interesting and diverse set of caffeinated drinks to satiate the early riser’s sweet tooth. Run by a local family, the beanery brings a much-needed low-key coffee shop to the island, which seems to be otherwise devoid of shops specifically dedicated to such a thing. While this will soon change, PIBeanery currently has a monopoly on coffee treats.


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In spite of the name, PIBeanery does not brew its own coffee, it brings in a product from Cleveland-based Caruso’s Coffee, which is delicious. Where the shop truly stands out is its selection of specialty coffee drinks. They’re all basically dressed-up mochas with syrups and various inserts to give them great flavors. It doesn’t matter what the drink is supposed to taste like, the flavor is always dead-on. My favorite, the Catawba Cupcake, is a simple mocha with cupcake syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles, but it’s literally a perfect mix. It tastes exactly like a cupcake; not too much coffee to where it tastes like a sweetened espresso, or too much syrup to where it tastes like melted candy. Most of the other drinks have a more complicated composition but the result is the same: it tastes exactly how it sounds.

The Caramel Caves drink takes a close second to me, its supposed to be very sweet and with a caramel theme, which it does very well, without overwhelming the senses. The South Bass S’more is like a liquid treat reminiscent of pleasant nights by the fire. The Battle of Lake Erie, a drink with some tartness, is a good suggestion for an indecisive customer, it seems to be one of the simpler flavors. Altogether, though, these mochas are the best thing to try.

Alternatively, if you just need coffee in quantity, I would advise you pick up the Joe-On-The-Go box, which is a 96-ounce box of coffee. It’s just plain coffee, but it will get the job done for a group. Altogether, PIBeanery excels in both using their ingredients to make great coffee and at creating a serene atmosphere even with its limited size. If you’re looking for coffee on South Bass Island, this place has you well covered.


  • If you’re here in the offseason, there are several seasonal drinks to be tried, notably a caramel apple latte and a pumpkin drink. There may also be some lemonade in the summer. Ask about what they’ve got.
  • The coffee can be bought in quantity, in a 96 ounce box, and pre-made. This probably comes in handy most when you’ve got a large group of tired friends.
  • The themed mochas are the best coffee drinks on the island. Try the Battle of Lake Erie or the Catawba Cupcake for starters.

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