Fortune Chinese Restaurant

3635 W Dublin Granville Rd
Columbus, OH 43235

Columbus has a few options for dim sum, and Fortune Chinese Restaurant is one of them. But while this traditional Chinese meal time is available all week long, the way to get the best experience is to come in on the weekend, when carts of meats, noodles, dumplings and other kinds of specialties roll though the expansive dining room, and groups come in droves to enjoy the experience. From the outside it doesn’t look mind-blowing, but the place is really about the food, and in that category, it delivers.

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Dim sum is what you’re going to want to come and enjoy, and again it’s best on the weekend. Some of the dishes to try:

  • Peking duck: It takes a delicate hand to succeed at Peking Duck; the nice match of crispiness on the skin and soft chewy meat inside. It’s oily and can be a filling meal, fortunately this restaurant serves it in small amounts.
  • Har Gow: Shrimp dumplings. They’re pretty simple with a soft dough on the outside and crisp shrimp. Good with a bit of the jalapeno soy sauce and hot chili oil on the table.
  • Cha siu bao: This steamed flour dumpling is enormous with a wonderful barbecued and saucy chopped meat mixture inside. One or two is pretty filling.
  • Zhajiangmian: Also known on the menu as minced pork noodle, these wheat noodles are topped with zhajiang sauce, a kind of soybean paste.
  • Mantou with condensed milk: A fried bread with sweet milk, this makes a perfect dessert given the relatively not-sweet nature of most desserts in dim sum.
  • Egg tart: A sweeter dessert, it relies on an eggy custard filling, but I think it can be a bit heavy on the crust.
  • Pai Bao: A sweet crust bun that makes for another muted dessert.
  • Chicken feet: One of the more exotic dishes in the dim sum lineup, these are saucy with that hot sauce, but in the steamer too long can become a bit soggy.
  • Tripe: Another one that requires a specific kind of taste for sure. A little chewy for the uninformed person but an experienced dim sum eater will have no problem!
  • Shu Mai: A shrimp dumpling with a little kick to it. Very munchable.
  • Short Rib: These are another popular option for the dim sum crowd, soft and chewy. Good plain or with a little soy sauce.
  • Taro Cake: This relatively tame dish, this cake is a good neutral flavor with a little soy sauce.
  • Cheung Fun: A kind of folded noodle filled with shrimp. The sweet sauce it’s dunked in is very memorable.

The restaurant features walk-up-to-the table service which is good because on the weekends it’s usually pretty crazy here. All in all definitely a worthwhile experience. I recommend it as a weekend destination for something really different.


  • It gets crowded here on weekends. Come early!
  • Dim sum is by and far the best thing to try here. Otherwise, I recommend trying the hot pot buffet.
  • The peking duck here is some of the best in the city.

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