Miller’s Chicken

235 West State St.
Athens, OH 45701
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Simplicity is the heart of Miller’s Chicken, a family restaurant off the beaten path on Athens’ west side. The little eatery is hard to spot; it’s connected to the back of a much larger warehouse, but anyone driving the neighborhoods around Miller’s will be able to smell it out pretty easily. Miller’s makes home-made fried chicken and fixings to match. As such, it is currently Athens’ only homemade chicken place, a surprising fact considering the diversity of the rest of town’s menu.

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The chicken is, of course, the star of the show. The side dishes, however, taste a little contrived. 

  • Fried chicken: It’s seasoned well, very crispy and, importantly, not too greasy. Of course it’s no health food but this chicken has definitely been prepared with care. Miller’s sells it in buckets or as individual pieces. It’s no wonder the line is always out the door at this place. It’s just plain good. It definitely tops KFC, the only other fried chicken place in town.
  • Green beans: The green beans don’t taste fresh. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they taste canned, but the didn’t really impress me. Even with the ham bits and seasoning.
  • Mac n’ Cheese: The mac ‘n’ cheese is good too but it could be improved too. It’s nothing spectacular. Compared with the delicious chicken it’s a disappointment they aren’t better, but they are still better than anything the fast food chains have to offer. One way or another, don’t be too sad if you miss the chance to try them.
  • Onion rings: Giant crunchy round halos of awesomeness. Extra crispy. Decently seasoned. 
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy: The gravy is the best part for sure.

Miller’s is definitely a family friendly establishment. The tiny dining room seats only a few people, but the clientele was a hundred percent families and older folks. Miller’s is a tad more expensive than the average food place but the home-cooked meal is well worth it. It just goes to show how irreplaceable the small family restaurant experience truly is. The extra price is worth the very comfortable feel Miller’s brings you…it just feels like everything in the little shop has been done with care and the community in mind.

This place is one of Athens’ hidden treasures. Some Athens residents, particularly the college students, who do not know their way around the town’s west end have likely never heard of it, but a country kitchen like this is an irresistibly unique flavor of small towns like this. So close to the city park and baseball fields, it’s definitely a place locals go after a game to dive into some genuinely good food.


  • Miller’s is definitly a family friendly atmosphere. Come with children and older family members and everyone will be happy.
  • During peak hours the line is often out the door. Try to come before the big dinner crowd to make sure you get a fast meal.
  • Spare no expense on the chicken! It’s why you came and it’s the best thing on the menu by all means.

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