Osaka Sushi & Hibachi Bar

While there are a few Asian-themed buffets around Dayton, what Osaka Japanese Steakhouse offers the region is a very unique experience. Opened in what has for several years been a series of family dining restaurants, this one is a higher-priced buffet of Far Eastern cuisines you won’t find in many other places around town, and certainly not all under one roof. From Peking duck to octopus, frog legs and, yes, a sushi conveyor belt, this spot is a place to go when you’re feeling like a very adventurous experience.

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Wok and Roll Chinese & Japanese Restaurant

Chinatown: in Washington DC, it’s where you will find a taste of East Asia that is unmatched. Noodle houses, sushi restaurants and karaoke bars pack this popular district in downtown DC, and you can find all kinds of ranges of quality of food to be tried here. Resisting the rapid gentrification of surrounding blocks, spots like Wok n Roll offer something a bit old fashioned: cheap, greasy noodles. But it never really goes beyond the kind of place you go to grab something to fill you up. In that way, it’s a pretty safe place to try.

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Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

With an appreciation for the finer things, Osaka Japanese Steakhouse has two locations in east and north Dayton, and each of them is focused on bringing a higher-end sushi and hibachi grill experience. Naturally focused on bringing out larger groups, the spot has plenty of different Japanese dishes to try, but those two are easily the first things you should try when coming here. The experience is good; bring a friend, or better a group. The popularity of the spot seems to speak for itself, with the many photos lining the walls of fans of the place.

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