Otafuku is a pretty simple operation, just a small room with a counter and a few stools along 9th Street in Manhattan. For all intents and purposes and a hole in the wall, you could pass by the store front and miss it. The spot does a simple menu of some very popular Japanese street food dishes near the very hip East Village neighborhood in Manhattan. You can count the items on the menu with one hand, and you’re supposed to be able to take them with you and eat. From the outside it doesn’t look like much, but it’s a great little dive with good food to offer.

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Opening day special: Sumera Sushi

Dayton restaurateur Ray Wiley and his team has been fast and furious in the local dining scene of late, having founded Hot Head Burritos, a fast-casual concept that launched in this town in 2007 and now has over 50 locations. Now, Wiley and fellow food man Timothy Tefs have teamed up to launch Sumera, a fast-casual sushi concept that is now open in Kettering, with plans to take the idea and run with it. And the spot has a lot of potential. Especially if you’re new to sushi, now is the chance for you to give it a try.

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Thai 9

You might not be able to tell from its plain-looking building, but Thai 9 Thai and Sushi Restaurant is often mentioned as one of the best Asian cuisine places in Dayton. The Thai food place is situated on the edge of downtown and the Oregon District — where many of the city’s more cultured establishments are situated. Spend any decent amount of time around this city, and you’re certain to run into one local or another who swears Thai 9 has the best food they’ve ever eaten.

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